MS Ireland National Meeting Day 2013

Last September, I was invited by the Irish MS Society to take part in a panel discussion at their National Day in Galway. I happily accepted because we all know that I never say no to having a good chat.

The topic of the National Day was ‘being active and interactive’, and the panel discussion covered employment, exercise, being online and volunteering. Trevis Gleason, well-known in the MS stratosphere and a new addition to the Irish population, interviewed four people with MS: Grace, Anne-Marie, Mark and myself.

These are the videos covering above topics. We were all a bit nervous (no, really?! :)) because of being filmed, but we all did very well.

In the first video, Grace O’Sullivan was interviewed on employment and how it all went from being diagnosed to informing her employer. Trevis also interviewed Anne-Marie McDaid on exercise. You might remember Anne-Marie winning gold at the London 2012 Paralympics!


In the second video you get to hear me (oh goodie…) talking about the good and the bad sides of being online.


In video 3 you will see the interview Trevis had with Mark Mitchell, of legendary status in the Irish MS society environment because of all his volunteering. Mark is a fantastic inspiration to many and I was glad to finally have met him at the National Day.


The last video is the end of the panel discussion and the start of questions and answers.


If you want to see the presentations made by Professor Alan Thompson and Dr. Susan Coote, you can find the links here. Info on the National Awards can be found here. Big hurrahs for Elsie Ryan, Jerona Jackson and Catherine Carrey!

Great websites to check out and other information on having MS and an online life, please check out my blog post written after the National Day with links and valuable information:

I want to thank MS Ireland for the continuous opportunities they give me to advocate on behalf of them and people with MS and other disabilities. Since day one the society has been fantastic support as well as full of good laughter.

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