Peak moments!

Some days I just act like a right fruitcake. Brain cells acting out of whack, as if they decided to stay in bed all day.

Because it’s Sunday, I might as well forgive them. Perhaps I might even join them.

Some days, it’s nice “just being.”

Feeling the air in my lungs.

My wandering mind.

Just breathing.

Awareness coming and going.

Back to breathing, deeply, refreshingly.

Body/mind experiences take over. Me occupying my own personal space.

Happy, just being.

Despite chronic pain, forgetting MS inside my brain and spinal cord.

Each day a new beginning.

Each night the turning of a page.


Thinking of those who love me, for me. Warts, and all.

(Hey, woah-woah-woah… hold on there! I don’t have warts and all!)

Back to thinking of those who love me, support me, understand me, and just… like me, like the path I’m on, like me, for me.

Thinking of life, writing,  and more writing. Letting my life, my body be an empty canvas on which to write, to build. Not as an excuse for myself, but a tool for others to learn from.

A peak moment realising this.

In fact, the best peak moment you can ever feel.

Like Brian Johnson says “It’s about becoming actually what we are potentially.”

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