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200 days

“To many, life with MS can seem like a book where letters have been replaced by numbers or where the cover can be too hard or too soft for its content. Because of this, I don’t want them to see what MS can turn into. I refuse to show them that there is no cure, I refuse to give them a reason to give up on me. In my view, it is very much a case of the illness being mine, but the tragedy theirs if I let them.”


Thirteen years ago today I moved to Ireland. A teenage dream turned reality. Little did I know that 2,5 years later, my life would be transformed in a way I had never imagined. Still, there are no regrets, and where anger could have resided, none is left for two chronic illnesses that could easily have been my downfall. Not one to dwell on issues … Read More 13!

Kick-Ass Ireland

Some days I sit still and think about how my life became a dream full-circle. There’s William Butler Yeats, James Joyce and Brendan Behan. Seamus Heaney, Jonathan Swift, Samuel Beckett and George Bernard Shaw. The Lake Isle of Innisfree, Land of Heart’s Desire and Yeats’s grave. Dubliners, Ulysses and Bloomsday. The mountains, lakes, Dublin, Sligo and the Shannon. Brú na Boinne, Corcaigh, Beara, Daingean Uí … Read More Kick-Ass Ireland

Irish public transport: access all areas?

“At this stage, I thought “Do I really have to walk with my coffin under my arm to get a seat when I’m physically leaning on a walking stick while holding the handrail as if it was my best friend?””

EMSP Spring Conference 2014, Dublin

“For those reasons, the European MS Platform will host its Spring Conference in Ireland on the 8th and the 9th of May in the Gibson Hotel, Dublin. The theme of this year’s conference is “Care where it counts – in the journey with MS.””


In a recent visit to Dublin Zoo, I sat next to a snow leopard who seemed to be contemplating life. It was still early morning, and nobody was around. I sat down right next to the snow leopard for about five minutes, although it could have been longer. We were taking in each other’s presence and it was a fantastic, soul-searching experience. While sitting … Read More Caged

MS Ireland National Meeting Day 2013

Last September, I was invited by the Irish MS Society to take part in a panel discussion at their National Day in Galway. I happily accepted because we all know that I never say no to having a good chat. The topic of the National Day was ‘being active and interactive’, and the panel discussion covered employment, exercise, being online and volunteering. Trevis Gleason, … Read More MS Ireland National Meeting Day 2013

Dublin Speaks No Language

Dublin speaks no language I cannot hear with my heart. Sings no song I cannot Feel by the touch on my lips. Hold no love, I cannot Embrace with my thoughts. Dublin listens quietly, Unconditionally. ©Willeke Van Eeckhoutte ©Willeke Van Eeckhoutte and Ireland, Multiple Sclerosis & Me, 2011-2013. Unauthorised use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author … Read More Dublin Speaks No Language

11 years!

There aren’t many things in my life that have outnumbered my years in Ireland as I celebrate my 11th anniversary of living in Ireland today. Once again I had to pinch my arm, making sure that I woke up in Clonsilla, Ireland instead of Belgium. Eleven years indeed. Dreams do come true if you want it badly, if you work at it and if … Read More 11 years!

Irish skies

WordPress Daily Prompt: Release Me Tell us about the blog post you were most nervous to publish — and what it was like to set it free. Photographers, artists, poets: show us FREE. For me, flying is being released from life, on earth and in my mind. Wonder about how people are able to create machines to take you abroad in no time, takes over. … Read More Irish skies

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