Managing MS

For more on Managing MS, please click on the relevant sub-tab on the menu bar or choose below:

  1. 40 self-care strategies
  2. MS FatigueMS & SleepThe Spoon Theory
  3. What is pain and how do you rate it?
  4. Pain: the basic facts (by the US National Multiple Sclerosis Society)
  5. Chronic pain management (YouTube; video by Patrick Myers)
  6. Cognition
  7. Heat sensitivity / Uhthoff’s Phenomenon explained
  8. Trigeminal neuralgia triggers, symptoms, examinations & diagnosis
  9. Detailed Trigeminal Neuralgia Info
  10. Trigeminal neuralgia infochart
  11. Trigeminal neuralgia MedlinePlus
  12. Medication review chart
  13. Preparing for your neurological appointment
  14. What to ask your neurologist (by EveryDay Health)
  15. Being active online

Updated: December 10th, 2017

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