Back to Ireland

So many things represent us, shows our character, our inner feelings, our life. I chose this picture because the world through my eyes is always moving. Forward most of all, sometimes backwards. My world however also consists of simple, pure stillness. But even when the world is spinning quietly, stillness is waiting to explode into forward motion or motion is waiting to return to sheer tranquility.

Living in Ireland for over ten years now, my world has become one of airports, packing bags and looking forward to step onto that Aer Lingus plane once again. My love for movement is therefore always represented by airplanes, and nothing excites me more than taking off and landing. Flying to and from Ireland is a joy that cannot be replaced.

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: The World Through your Eyes

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26 thoughts on “Back to Ireland

    1. Nothing strange… I caught up with all the pingbacks since I was not updating the blog posts quickly enough. Spent a good while adding links posted on the original WordPress Daily Prompt page the last few days :D)

    1. Absolutely Roy! There’s been times that I wanted to cry when going abroad even, because I didn’t want to leave Ireland behind :D And yeah, Aer Lingus flights… you have to love them for the bit of Irish they add to their service :D

    1. Thanks Janet! I thought it would be a good idea to have the shape of an eye in the picture seeing as the name of the challenge was ‘the world through your eyes’. And yes, I wanted the green to stand out because of Ireland :)

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