My Journey

Love heart in hands

From the first few symptoms to today’s nagging, bullying, excruciating, demeaning ones, my journey has been one – and still is one – of many discoveries, good or bad. Today, 13 years post-diagnosis, I’ve turned the bad into the good, and now live with an optimistic mindset that will not let go. Please join me on that journey!

  1. General
    Why I love advocacy (and you should too!)
    10 years: a lot to be thankful for
    How (not to) be sick!
    Defined by myself, not my illness
    Dissecting words
    A future without chronic illness
    Medical terminology?
    MRI scans, hope or defeat
    The MS blame game
    MS: a social disconnect
    Then & now
    What we refuse to discuss
    What you might not be aware of
  2. Newly diagnosed
    Blurred notes to self
    The first day
    It’s OK not to be OK
    I am not my brain
    Making sense of MS
    The road to diagnosis
  3. Fatigue
    The truth about Cinderella
    Sleep: a time-consuming commodity
    Time to recharge
    Tiredness ≠ fatigue
  4. Optic neuritis
    Eyes of sorrow
  5. Emotional health
    10 Lessons I’ve Learned in 2014
    MS Anxiety
    I don’t miss myself
    I’m only human
    Peak moments!
    Dream, Think, Believe, Dare, Do!
    Magnetic voices
  6. Optimism
    You will survive!
    What singing taught me about life with MS
    Books? Great medicine!
    Do I have stupid written on my forehead?
    Fake it ’til you make it!
    Giving up is not an option
    How far do baby germs fly?
    Life begins at the end of your comfort zone
    Life’s meant to be…
    The day I stopped being weak
    Man up!
    Now what?!
    What about it?
    Why I should be a brainiac, but I’m not
    You will survive!
  7. Relapses
    Game, set, relapse!
    Relentless relapse
  8. Uhthoff’s symptoms
    The duplicity of MS
    Every leaf speaks bliss to me
    Hot town!
    That thing people call ‘summer’
    Uhthoff’s Phenomenon
  9. Relationships/friendships
    17 ways to make you feel invincible when you’re single and chronically ill on Valentine’s Day
    Kids? Not right now, please…
    Philosophy of Friendship
    Single life?
  10. Trigeminal neuralgia
    The five-second MS rant
    No end to trigeminal neuralgia
    Not my face!
  11. Other symptoms
    Ten happy MS years
    10 ‘Little rebel, me’ mistakes
    Hell is other people
    Mental or physical, your choice
    Silver Linings
    The social swing of life
    Injecting object
    Jammed filter!
  12. Books/Writing
    Writing, a quiet observation
    Welcome to the book fetish club!
    Book lovers, unite!
    The imperfection of books
    The virtue of books
    I am a writer!

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