Below is a selection of comments made on blog posts as well as emails in regards to advocating neurological services. All comments are verbatim and can be verified.

On MS advocacy

“It really can’t be overstated the importance of your contribution and its benefit to the agenda of people with MS and the current campaign. Thanks again for not only being enthusiastic but extremely articulate as a spokesperson for MS Ireland.” (Gilenya/Fingolimod medication refusal by the Health Department; MS Ireland 2012)

“May I lastly say how much I admire your spirit in the face of adversity.” (Gilenya/Fingolimod medication refusal by the Health Department; Senator David Norris; 2013)

“You have done so much despite your difficulties for which I admire you. Not everybody would be so positive.” (Gilenya/Fingolimod medication refusal by the Health Department; Senator David Norris; 2013)

“Thank you so much for what you are doing for people with MS. Its powerful both to decision makers and to other people who can identify with you and take encouragement from you.” (Gilenya/Fingolimod medication refusal by the Health Department; MS Ireland 2012)

On blog

“I guess my focus w/ this post is that she would have just Loved you, Billie!! You are both an incredible example of strength with pain that most people can’t even conceive of, and I choose to focus on that strength that the rest of us can learn from people like you. Thanks so much for sharing your journey with us!” (Allison P., September 2nd, 2014 , WordPress on No End to Trigeminal Neuralgia)

“Ahh Billie thank you so very very much for all this information, Thank you again, you are one in an MS million, such an inspiration.” (Su, August 31st 2014 on Positive MS News August 2014, WordPress)

“Your writing is so openly honest and true and I respect that so much. I respect YOU so much.” (Su; June 28th 2014; WordPress)

“Hi Billie, you are an inspiration for other sufferers of MS. You are doing the best thing by remaining as positive as you can and I applaud that.” (Carole Parks, June 24th 2014; WordPress)

“Billie, this is one of the most breath-holding posts I’ve ever read. Brilliant and I agree that words can have huge impact ~ especially those that echo positively and which were spoken with love.” (Socialbridge; June 17th 2014; WordPress)

“You make a difference to us all. Your posts are amazing, as you are. I have IT too but I just can’t write of talk about it so thank The Lord for people like you. Su x” (Su from lookingthroughanotherseyes; June 15th 2014; WordPress)

“I hope that the awareness is filtering through. You are certainly doing a great job at highlighting the need for it as well as informing people about what’s it’s like to live with MS.” (Socialbridge; May 29th 2014; WordPress)

“You’re amazing, you know that right? If you don’t, I’m telling you, you and your outlook on life are amazing :)” (The Indecisive Eejit; May 4th 2014; WordPress)

“Great post, Billie, and such a great open and generous attitude.” (Socialbridge; April 11th 2014; WordPress)

“My heart goes out to you for all that you’ve endured and your spirited perseverance. Thank you for sharing a very moving (and educational) part of yourself.” (Artfullyadelie; March 13th 2014; WordPress)

“I love your determination and positive attitude.” (Margie Brizzolari; March 13th 2014; WordPress)

“You are very strong and brave. Thank you for sharing this link and information with me that I might read up and become more informed about MS. Information is key.” (JayNine; March 7th 2014; WordPress)

“The word strength resonated in my mind as I was reading this.” (Suzanne S; February 25th 2014; WordPress)

“You are so very strong… well put!” (CanadianTravelBugs; February 9th 2014; WordPress)

“Great piece of writing. I’d like to show this to my high school students if you don’t mind? We could all do with a reality check.” (Pdjpix; January 28th 2014; WordPress)

“Respect!! With this attitude, you will defete MS!” (Fraukje; January 27th 2014; WordPress)

“A really powerful and emotional write and I love how you found the will to turn it around.” (Lucid Gypsy; January 21st 2014; WordPress)

“What an amazing piece, Billie.” (Restkessjo; January 19th 2014; WordPress)

“What a beautifully written and heartfelt piece. Thank you.” (Savannah Antrobus; January 18th 2014; WordPress)

“You are very inspiring and loveable.” (Indira; January 18th 2014; WordPress)

“You are so brave. After reading your post I feel what I suffer is nothing compared to this. Very moving and salute to you my dear.” (Indira; January 18th 2014; WordPress)

“Hi Billie; love your spirit and hope you are able to kick MS’s butt soon. You sound like a real fighter so go get it girl!!!” (Tina Schell; January 15th 2014; WordPress)

“You write beautifully ~ I had no idea English was your 3rd language! Congrats to you” (The Presents of Presence; January 15th 2014; WordPress)

“Very powerful and heartfelt.” (Martha Kennedy; January 14th 2014; WordPress)

“Your blog just blew me away. I am glad that you are able to overcome your illness and inspire others with your experience, thoughts and ideas. Stay cool and am looking forward to reading more of your blogs. Thank you.” (Olet Saturno; June 2nd 2013; Google+)

“Profoundly written… well done!  I extend my humble and deep respect.” (Justin Felan; June 23rd 2013; Google+)

“Thanks for such a well-balanced and thought out approach to this difficult subject. As a sociologist, I have done a good deal of research with people with MS and I think that your view is pretty representative.” (Socialbridge;June 23rd 2013; WordPress)

“Reading your touching words and stories means a great deal to me. I know that I would want the right to choose to die humanly one day if my MS progresses.” (Victoria A. Alexander; June 26th 2013; LinkedIn)

“Wow!-with all of the negatives, your responses sure put a positive spin on things! Thanks for the positive energy!” (Kelly Connor; June 26th  2013; LinkedIn)

(NOTE: All comments are verbatim and can be verified)

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