Trigeminal Neuralgia infochart

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For more on Trigeminal Neuralgia, please check this blog tomorrow.

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6 thoughts on “Trigeminal Neuralgia infochart

    1. My neurologist once said that MS-related TN can be a duller type of pain; I have both the stabbing and duller pain and it was one of my very first MS symptoms. I can definitely agree that the pain is quite painful, unlike anything I ever had before.

      The link with MS was listed at the bottom of the info list.

  1. I have MS, a few years back I suffered with trigeminal neuralgia. Was prescribed all the drugs, tegretol, neurontin and lyrica ( which I had an adverse reaction to…) all helped for a while (except Lyrica) but the pain eventually broke through. After 2.5 years of drugs and pain…. I underwent the gamma knife surgery where they radiated the nerves in my face to stop the pain. That really fixed it…now and again I get a slight burning sensation in my face but never the debilitating pain I had for so long. MS can destroy the sheath of these nerves so the other surgery option might not work as the cause of the pain can be demylenation rather than blood vessel compression. Good grief…MS in my face!!!

    1. So sorry to hear you’ve had this wretched TN troubling you, Marybeth. Just out of curiosity, is part of your face permanently numb now?

      I know all too well how painful it can be. It was one of my first MS symptoms ten years ago, and went on Neurontin straightaway. Because I also had left side nerve pain in my arm and leg, I had to keep on increasing my daily dosage, and in the end I was at the maximum limit of 3600mg. When it stopped working altogether, I went on Lyrica. Been on it for years now and at the maximum limit also, but it seems to help by taking Trileptal during the day and Amitriptyline at night.

      Registrar said he’d try pain management treatment before going the surgical route, but I hope I’ll manage without surgery as I heard that after a decade, pain starts to return. The idea of facial surgery rather scares me, but then again, ten years without TN sounds pretty good to me :D

      I heard Botox is great TN treatment also.

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