20 things you didn’t (necessarily) know yet

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While browsing through the weekend newspapers yesterday, I came across a nice list of questions.

I like lists.

And I like questions.

A female attribute? No doubt.

Just for the fun of it, here we go!

The book that changed my life:
Ulysses by James Joyce, no doubt about it!

The quote that keeps me sane:
I’m a huge quote lover, so it’s hard deciding but I will use Friedrich Nietzsche once more: “That which does not kill us makes us stronger”

The best advice I’ve ever received:
Follow your heart and don’t be afraid to spread your wings (my mum)

The film I’ve watched again and again:
Too many, but if I have to choose: Lord of the Rings trilogy

The song I want played at my funeral:
Frank Sinatra’s ‘My way’
Edith Piaf’s ‘Non, je ne regrette rien

The scent that evokes pleasant memories:
Dolce & Gabbana’s Light Blue and Kate Moss Original (now you know what to get me for Christmas, ha!)

The piece of furniture that will become an heirloom:
Not furniture but paintings by my nana’s second husband

The picture that is worth a thousand words:
My brother and I, at Windmill Lane, where U2 has their recording studios in Dublin. He in his usual relaxed style, me next to him in my usual ready to ask questions like “so, what?”

The item that takes pride of place in my wardrobe:
My Dr Martens’ boots
and a princess skirt. I own two of them in fact because I loved it so much I went to buy another one. Sadly I will need to do some slimming before fitting into it again.

The gadget that I can’t live without:
Laptop, mobile phone

The item I’d save in a fire:
My Dr Martens boots, laptop and mobile phone

The characteristic I like most in myself:

The characteristic I least in myself:

The last time I cried:
When I once again thought of my dog, Wolf. Sadly departed to dog heaven in 2006 but still missed every single day.

It was the best of times:
Laughing with my mum; making my dream of living in Ireland come true; having friends and family who know how to treat you well and who would run a thousand miles for you.

It was the worst of times:
When my brother passed away in 2007, also still missed every minute of every day. Realizing some friends were only friends when it suited them and literally leaving me to burst when I needed them most.

The person I call when things go pear-shaped:
My mum, absolutely.

My death row dinner:
Ben & Jerrys
Fairly Nuts ice cream, two tubs please.

My pet peeve:

My four-legged friend:
In canine heaven… would love to have a Lab Retriever, blonde, chocolate or black… Or an Irish Setter, or a Husky.

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2 thoughts on “20 things you didn’t (necessarily) know yet

  1. What YOU said. Yes, all the way, except my mom died in 1982. I still miss her. Oddly, my brother also died in 2007. Yes, we sure do learn who our friends really are, don’t we.

    1. Sorry to hear that about your mum and brother. Often think losing a parent is the worst thing ever. How do you ever get over it? Or do you learn to live with it instead of getting over it?

      True, true and the thing is, it often hurts more than family hurting you. I have a few that hurt awfully but life goes on and I’ve learned that life is more than chasing friends around when they should chase you every now and then. But not to worry, we learn from all of them :D

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