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Back soon!

Writing has been a bit slow lately. New content will find its way to IMSM soon!


Social media often finds me catching my breath because of its reach, its intent and its questioning behaviour towards the mindset of the people they follow. After tweeting about the content of my blog, I received a rather ignorant private message from someone asking how raw my content, or I, can get and if I wanted to elaborate. On my blog, ‘raw’ is A … Read More Raw

Whát?! 2015 in review!

The statistics monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog. With a total of 22,599 views from 13,765 visitors in 137 countries in 2015 and with 1,857 followers so far, I cannot be any happier. Writing and posting has been slow the last few months, but I will be back soon enough with new, hopefully inspiring and helpful content. Thank you each … Read More Whát?! 2015 in review!

I’m an ex and I’m lovin’ it!

“I used to be a lot of things. Busy. Book addict. Ireland lover. Passionate. College student… and perhaps a tad crazy also. But then friends started saying that I was “slowly turning into a blonde”. Physical discrimination on the basis of hair colour aside, I felt they had a point.
Concentration skills went from hero to zero. Walking from the couch to the fridge a massive undertaking. In tears in front of the staircase after work because I had to sleep for an hour before being able to scale its height.”

2015: Year of the Pen

We’re a few days into the New Year already, and I’m looking forward to sitting down in Starbucks Ireland once again. Parker pen, a large latte and carrot cake to take me through the thoughts in my mind while a new notebook waits for thoughts that sound like words; with emotions that sound like sentences or paragraphs. Life’s the story; my family, friends & … Read More 2015: Year of the Pen

Ireland Blog Awards 2014 finalist certificates

Happy days! The certificates of the Ireland Blog Awards 2014 finalists arrived today so I can now frame them and give them a nice place on my walls. I want to thank everyone once again for voting me in, and for the continuous support. Without sounding too cliché, I would not be able to keep on writing if it wasn’t for all the good … Read More Ireland Blog Awards 2014 finalist certificates

Peak moments!

“Thinking of life, writing, and more writing. Letting my life, my body be an empty canvas on which to write, to build. Not as an excuse for myself, but a tool for others to learn from.”

Two more awards!

With all the Christmas hustle and bustle, I forgot I was chosen for two WordPress blog awards, given by other WP bloggers! Sheen of Flowers and Breezes told me four days ago about the awards, so apologies for the late reply and nominations. I want to thank Sheen for being such a great blogger and nice commentator, Sheen is still grieving the loss of … Read More Two more awards!

Slowing down

A friend sent me this picture this evening as a reminder that I need to take a step back from writing, reading, advocating and generally helping others so I can “get better” again. We all know people with MS do not “get better” but I understood his reasoning… I need to sleep more,  relax more and stop running around like a crazy chick (also … Read More Slowing down

I am a writer!

When can you call yourself a writer? With that debate still unsolved, I continue to wonder if I can call myself so. After all, I am now a former Incident Coordinator, a former library assistant and therefore a former ‘employed being’ altogether. And that sounds rather bad for one’s ego when pondered upon too long. Asked by people what on earth I now fill … Read More I am a writer!

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