I am not my brain

Brain MRI

“What’s wrong with my brain?” doesn’t automatically mean, “Is my mind, my soul therefore broken as well?”

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Mental or physical, your choice

“Is life with MS that comfortable, then? God, no. Absolutely not. You just have to learn how to live with it. Somehow I found a way to tap goodness from those negative connotations because I listened to its actual narrative by refusing to make a mountain out of a molehill. So, even when facial pain is also called “the suicide disease”, even when MS fatigue can knock me senseless in less than five minutes, and even when I feel awful inside despite not looking sick, I am just cool with the whole lot because there simply is no other way.”

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Mental Health Ireland

Fasttrack General Practitioners, GPs, Family Doctors, Pharmacists, Dentists, Hospitals. It also provides contact phone numbers. Type your address in the box below. The Atlas will search automatically – choose an address from the search results. A map of your street will appear. Health Atlas HSE mental health support HSE mental health professionals National office for […]

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Death: a fearful thing?

Header IMSM

“Within Gandhi’s description of strength, however, was some fear also, and within that fear, there was indignity. That superbug wasn’t meant for me. I wasn’t an elderly person, I didn’t live in unclean housing and I hardly ever used antibiotics.

I could’ve continued listing pessimism, unhappiness and disaster, only, I unconditionally refused to. Clostridium Difficile wasn’t indeed mine to get, or to give in to, so I fought my way back. I am not now, have never been and will never be one to give up without at least trying five different ways to solve a riddle of life. I wasn’t ready to go. I had lived enough for two lives, but I wanted a third.”

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2012: not the end of the world

It’s been an eventful year, and even though there are still 3,5 weeks to go before we enter 2013, I can safely say that this year was one of personal growth and finding myself. Personal growth involves letting go of things you don’t want to clutter your mind, and perhaps ups and downs need to […]

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