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    Starting over

    Sacrificing your life for a chronic illness never comes easily. You learn to compensate and decide how reliable your judgment is based on what you can put in physically, mentally and emotionally. Quite often, what lies within you is mentally infinitely stronger than anyone might realise - even yourself -  because, until that point in time, you have been at your worst already.

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    The day I stopped being weak

    You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only option you have. How true is this? You lose a parent, a brother or sister, or someone else you dearly loved and yet, time goes on. Time has to go on. For your family, for yourself. Years later you realise you went through that loss better than you ever thought you would. Being strong was the only option you had. Being diagnosed with an illness that can’t be cured is a little bit similar, or is it? The day I received my MS diagnosis is a day I can almost literally rephrase, just like the day you lose someone you love, or the day when absolutely horrifying accidents happen. We all know where we were and what we…

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    MS News: August 2016

    Below are some MS-related topics that made the headlines this month. Do come back to check again, though, as the list will be updated every three days. Highlight! Guidelines for Neuropsychological Research in Multiple Sclerosis Multiple Sclerosis Journal Johns Hopkins Medicine: Multiple Sclerosis Benign MS Multiple System Atrophy Research $2 Million Grant to Study Fatigue in People with MS What health conditions do people rank as worse than death? Multiple Sclerosis in Children

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    Mental or physical, your choice

    "Is life with MS that comfortable, then? God, no. Absolutely not. You just have to learn how to live with it. Somehow I found a way to tap goodness from those negative connotations because I listened to its actual narrative by refusing to make a mountain out of a molehill. So, even when facial pain is also called “the suicide disease”, even when MS fatigue can knock me senseless in less than five minutes, and even when I feel awful inside despite not looking sick, I am just cool with the whole lot because there simply is no other way."

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    Preparing for your neurological appointment

    Seeing your neurologist can often make you feel anxious or afraid to speak up. Each appointment should be about exploring options, not about being bulldozed by a standardised litany of things you don’t want. Going in prepared will make you feel more at ease, so why not make a list of vital questions and things you need to discuss? When you organise your thoughts, you feel more in control of the situation and sure of where you want to see your treatment go. After all, you are the one living with your illness. Don’t feel ashamed either in what you want to ask your neurologist, chances are they have heard similar things before, and they will be the least likely people to attack you for asking. Remember, the only silly question is the…

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    Disable Inequality

    It’s been rather quiet down here. The past four to five months, I’ve been involved in disability rights campaigns and had a long much-needed Christmas and New Year’s break. I’m now back to passive campaigning in some form or another while having the flu… it’s never boring in MS-land. With the Irish election campaign in full swing, it’s difficult combining high-powered fatigue issues and other MS symptoms with the amount of advocating I want to do. The first and second are, as most of you know, difficult to tackle, the latter not acted upon enough. I’m still dedicated to writing for my blog, though, and also for the Novartis and Irish MS Society blogs. There is one thing I would like to highlight. In my belief, disability rights are something…

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    Let’s be frank

    "Too many times we like to blame others for our own problems. Situations and people create our experiences, but these situations and people don't create you. Understanding our past helps us to distinguish why we hold on and repeat self-destructive behaviours. When we feel anger, resentment and other non-positive emotions, the only one we annoy is ourselves. So, choose taking ownership over blaming others, happiness over negativity, a new way of life over just remaining in a rut."