Starting over

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Sacrificing your life for a chronic illness never comes easily. You learn to compensate and decide how reliable your judgment is based on what you can put in physically, mentally and emotionally. Quite often, what lies within you is mentally infinitely stronger than anyone might realise – even yourself –  because, until that point in time, you have been at your worst already.

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The day I stopped being weak

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You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only option you have. How true is this? You lose a parent, a brother or sister, or someone else you dearly loved and yet, time goes on. Time has to go on. For your family, for yourself. Years later you realise you went […]

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Dream, Think, Believe, Dare, Do!

“I admire Montel Williams for all the passion he puts into advocating MS in the US, and I could have picked his much-used his phrase “I may have MS but MS does not have me.” For a good while it was a crutch to lean on every day, but I am now at a stage where it has worn out to the very one thread it was built upon. I’d rather opt for a different benchmark so, and therefore chose to underwrite an adapted Walt Disney quote instead.”

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Wonder Woman Syndrome

“Having dissenting views on the verb ‘to pace,’ it is one I need to add seriousness as well as a lot more thought into. Having a Wonder Woman Syndrome is a term I sometimes carry with pride.”

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You never know how strong you are…

  The post you’re looking for has a new address! The day I stopped being weak You’re always welcome to visit and make yourself at home on IMSM! Do I have stupid written on my forehead? I’m an ex and I’m loving it! You will survive! Responsibility hurts Ignorance Let’s be frank Fake it ’til […]

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