Life after summer


As the days grow shorter and temperatures colder, it is time to welcome autumn, and what should be a small new lease of life. There is nothing more comforting and relaxing than seeing daylight fade early in the evening. Darkness captures me, telling me it’s time to cuddle up on the couch, book in hand, […]

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Body image and MS: how many selfies do you have?

Woman hiding face

in reality, people have far more important things to think about than how you, me and the rest of the world looks, and I even if you were on their radar, they’ll have forgotten about you within the next ten minutes.

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Sensory MS symptoms: The hair that isn’t there


By now, you’ve probably grown accustomed to some of my outer worldly MS symptoms like the ice-picking in my eye, the bees in my ears or the whole-body buzzing when lying down. Some girls just want to have fun. I just want to stop being so blatantly weird.

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Things that make you love and hate MS resolutions


“I must work towards a new set of ears,” I thought, blissfully unaware that getting these would be a herculean feat of biomechanical engineering. No matter how much I wished to exchange one of my senses because of bouts of noise intolerance, I had to retort to the usual, “Ah, the joys of life with MS” when laughing about another one of my MS-induced naps the following day.

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MS, Inc.

Perhaps losing my only sibling over a decade ago recreated the perspective on life I once held. It poured resilience into a mind that required to be strengthened for the many years ahead. Hope became the antidote to being tired of always being sick and tired.

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The five-second MS rant


When physical restraints curb your potential, you realise that you want so more from your life. Life is moving forward outside your medically induced world, and you feel annoyed when healthy people don’t realise the worth of their bodies, their unused potential.

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MS News: April 2017

Research worker

The latest MS news about clinical trials, research, treatments, mental & emotional health, diet and lifestyle, including highlights from Barts MS Blog

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Jammed filter!

Just forgot image

I didn’t dumb down, I just kinda go dumber depending on my physical state of being before regaining some speed again.

My neuropsychologist pointed out that sometimes, my ability to handle particular mental tasks may skip the F1 pole position, but that brain training was a great way to stop the decline.

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Being real!

Despite chronic pain and fatigue issues, I am making the best of my life, and I am doing everything possible to be the best version of myself as I can be. All I ask of you is some understanding of what I am going through, and know that every bad day is only making me stronger. Some days, though, I want you to hold my hand or hug me and tell me that everything will be OK.

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Oh, people will stalk you on Facebook on their smartphone, but do not ask them to find unprejudiced, trustworthy websites to learn something about your condition on that very smartphone. Quite often, they “will do so when they have time,” despite having their phone in their hands 50 times a day.

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But you don’t look sick!

Sshh... I have invisible MS symptoms!

We have all been there, at the receiving end of ignorance and unwillingness to understand what life with an invisible illness is like.   2018 Winner Best Blog Post with ‘3443 Needles’, Blog Awards Ireland, Ashville Media Group, Dublin, Ireland ◾ MyTherapyApp: Multiple Sclerosis Blogs: 10 of the Best in 2019 ◾ Ireland Blog Awards: Finalist 2014, 2015, […]

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10 ‘Little rebel, me’ mistakes

Are you a list person? I am, that’s a given. After wasting time on websites like List Challenges, I thought, ‘Well, how about the ten worst things I’ve done since being diagnosed, with a follow-up on the best things I’ve done since that day in 2005?’ Quotes are added to underline my thinking, ideas or […]

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What we refuse to discuss

“Another such thing is talking about your sex life if you have MS. In fact, I should rephrase this to ‘not talking about it.’ People are conservative about this subject in Ireland, and it’s a given that not everyone wants to talk about their intimate love life.”

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Defined by myself

“As you can tell, I have lots that strengthens me and drives me forward. I also have (dis)abilities: severe bouts of pain and fatigue, which I bent into a positive writing tool for others to lean on. My limitations serve as other people’s motivation. Their motivation became my inspiration.”

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30 Things about My Invisible Illness You May Not Know

I was sent this list after National Invisible Illness Week ended and asked if I wanted to write about it either way, so here are my answers: 1. The illness I live with is: Multiple sclerosis, the house guest that ends up on your doorstep, invites himself in and never leaves again. 2. I was […]

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Symbolism is all around us, and you only need to lift your eyelashes once to be immediately inspired. Iconic. My left foot is indeed something of an iconic thing that is hell-bent on creating trouble. Past ruptures of Achilles tendons, flipping ankles, falling over my own feet… they have seen and done it all. However, […]

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MS: a social disconnect

Therein lies the disconnect: the way others want me to be, and me not being able to keep up. How many of us have pretended to be well enough to walk another 500 meters? How many say they are OK when they feel pain in their limbs, their eyes and in their soul? How many say they will be able to go to work when they were awake half the night because of pain?
Unwillingly we are put in a non-self-imposed isolation; we are put there by our illness, and quite often by the outside world. Our mental functioning is now processed differently because of our illness.

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MS fatigue… the invisible monster

MS fatigue… The most common, yet most difficult to detect a symptom in multiple sclerosis. Aside from feeling exhausted, having to explain people over and over how different it is to normal tiredness, you often get a stigma assigned of “yeah, yeah, you’re just being lazy” or “sure, now keep walking, it’s probably not that […]

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What MS feels like in your mind

What multiple sclerosis feels like on a mental level? How does it affect your mind? These are questions many people wonder about: those with MS, wondering how others feel with the illness they share. Or people without MS, like your family, your friends, just curious how you are feeling. And then there are those that […]

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