MS News: January 2015


The first month of 2015 has come and (almost) gone again. With that, it’s full steam ahead in the field of MS research, clinical trials, business news and interesting, general newsworthy bits and pieces.

This month, the highlight was the news about MS and stem cell treatment, providing a decent outlook for those looking for alternative treatment. I’ll keep following this news throughout the year, and in the meantime, check out the Highlight! section where the news was published, with usual news stories further down this web page.


  1. Three Years After Stem Cell Transplant Therapy Most MS Patient Subjects Still In Remission
  2. Stem Cell Transplants Risky But Effective
  3. Reintroduction Of Immune Stem Cells Ease Multiple Sclerosis Flare-Ups
  4. Stem Cells May Halt Progression of Multiple Sclerosis
  5. Report on remission in patients with multiple sclerosis three years after stem cell transplant
  6. Stem Cell Transplantation May Improve Disability in Patients with Multiple Sclerosis
  7. Stem cell therapy may reverse multiple sclerosis
  8. Stem Cell Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis
  9. Stem cell transplantation shows potential for reducing disability in patients with multiple sclerosis
  10. Early Study Says Stem Cells May Reverse Multiple Sclerosis Disability
  11. Researchers to test MS patients with type of stem cell known to cut inflammation


  1. MS Research Roundup: January 12, 2015
  2. New MS Study Seeks To Understand How Inflammation Causes Neuronal Damage in Multiple …
  3. Study of Vibrating Insoles for Balance in Multiple Sclerosis
  4. Corpus Callosum Cross-Section Correlated With Cognitive Decline
  5. Novel Therapy for Multiple Sclerosis Discovered
  6. Study Probes “No Evidence of Disease Activity” in MS Patients
  7. University of Edinburgh, Genzyme Collaborate on Multiple Sclerosis Research
  8. Kessler Foundation Study Says Cognitive Fatigue in Multiple Sclerosis Depends on Task Length
  9. Multiple Sclerosis: Pilot Study of Immunosuppression Plus Transplantation
  10. Gardasil HPV Vaccine Not Linked To Multiple Sclerosis Or Related Diseases
  11. New article provides insight into cognitive fatigue in people with multiple sclerosis
  12. Ulcer Bacteria Tied to Lower Multiple Sclerosis Risk in Women
  13. Helicobacter pylori infection may protect against Multiple Sclerosis in women
  14. Glatiramer Acetate and the Interferon Betas Are Clinically Similar
  15. Researchers Study Device to Improve Balance for MS Patients

Clinical trials

  1. Receptos Launches SUNBEAM Phase 3 Trial for Relapsing Multiple Sclerosis Therapy
  2. Arena Announces Encouraging MS-related Results from Autoimmune Therapy Trial
  3. A Step Toward Multiple Sclerosis Treatment? Phase 2 ANTI-LINGO-1 Results Announced

Medical treatment news

  1. Lemtrada, a drug that is effective in treating multiple sclerosis, has been approved by the FDA
  2. Plegridy for Relapsing MS Now Approved in Scotland
  3. New Biogen MS drug may help reverse eye scarring

General news

  1. Year in Review: Multiple Sclerosis
  2. Is Kombucha Tea Really Good for You?
  3. Eating well, not rigidly, is key to managing multiple sclerosis symptoms
  4. ‘The Brain’s Way of Healing’: How the brain can heal itself
  5. 5 Reasons I Wish We Would Stop Talking About ‘Recovery’ for Serious Mental Illness And the Word …
  6. Multiple Sclerosis Attributed Cause Of Oscar Wilde’s WIfe Constance’s Mysterious Illness And Death
  7. Did Misdiagnosed, Maltreated MS Cause Oscar Wilde’s Wife’s Mysterious Illness & Premature …

Business news

  1. Amarantus Acquires DioGenix to Bolster New MS Diagnostic Division
  2. Mylan loses Supreme Court fight over multiple sclerosis drug
  3. Research and Markets: Global Multiple Sclerosis Epidemiology and Patient Flow Analysis 2014-2020
  4. MedDay Provides Update on Pipeline Progress for Primary & Secondary Progressive Multiple …
  5. As Biogen shares hit all-time high, profits and headcount grow, too
  6. US stocks: GDP jitters knock futures into red
  7. Google Joins Biogen In The Fight Against Multiple Sclerosis
  8. Biogen Idec shifts around top RTP leadership

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