MS News: April 2017

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  1. Canadian Study of MS-Prone Family Proves that in Rare Cases, Multiple Sclerosis is Inherited
  2. Large Family Study Strengthens Case for Inherited Multiple Sclerosis
  3. New Survey Finds Multiple Sclerosis Patients Struggle with Misdiagnosis and Invisible Symptoms


  1. Spinal Gray Matter Atrophy Tied to MS Progression
  2. Pediatric Multiple Sclerosis Linked to Epstein-Barr, Herpes Simplex Virus Exposure
  3. Scientists step closer to finding cause of multiple sclerosis
  4. Research Moves Closer to Finding Cause of Multiple Sclerosis
  5. 3D Laboratory Cell Growth System Should Speed Up MS Remyelination Research
  6. Center for Systems Neuroscience Reports Findings in Multiple Sclerosis
  7. MicroRNA Partially Restores Myelination, Limb Function in Multiple Sclerosis
  8. Multiple Sclerosis Causing Mutations Found in Canadian Families
  9. Norwegian Researchers Analyze MS Life Expectancy, Survival and Mortality
  10. Detox molecule triggers T-cell immune response
  11. Brain, gut microbiome connection may play role in multiple sclerosis
  12. Medical history reveals multiple sclerosis begins to impact patients sooner
  13. Early Findings Suggest Potential New Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis
  14. Multiple sclerosis shows signs five years before disease onset
  15. Ultra High-Field MRI Found to Double Detection of Cortical Lesions in Multiple Sclerosis

Clinical Trials

  1. Siponimod Slows Progression of MS Disability, Phase 3 Clinical Trial Shows
  2. Preliminary study suggests possible new treatment for MS
  3. New data shows effect of Biogen’s blockbuster MS drugs
  4. Novartis announces positive data from phase IV MS-MRIUS study on Gilenya
  5. Real-world Data of Gilenya Treatment Validates Slowed Brain Shrinkage as Disease Progression 
  6. Novartis to speed up bid for MS drug approval, changes target
  7. New Investigational Data on Six-Year Efficacy of Sanofi Genzyme’s Lemtrada
  8. Ozanimod Keeps on Working in MS Extension Trial

Treatment News

  1. Ocrelizumab approved in US for relapsing and progressive MS
  2. Ocrelizumab in Primary Progressive and Relapsing Multiple Sclerosis
  3. Early Use of Tecfidera and Tysabri Improves MS Patients’ Outcomes, Studies Suggest
  4. TECFIDERA® and TYSABRI® Data Demonstrate Improved Outcomes with Early MS Treatment
  5. Latest Tecfidera and Tysabri Data Suggest Treatments Improve MS Outcomes When Used Early
  6. New Investigational Data on Six-Year Efficacy of Sanofi Genzyme’s Lemtrada
  7. Sanofi Genzyme to Present New Data on MS Treatments Lemtrada and Aubagio
  8. Lemtrada Might Outperform Ocrevus in Preventing MS Relapses, Italian Researchers Say
  9. New MS Treatment Hailed As ‘Game Changer’
  10. Rebiotix microbiome drug success against C diff infection
  11. Increasing number of Danish doctors prescribe medical cannabis
  12. Effects Of Medical Marijuana On Quality Of Life: Review Says Weed Doesn’t Improve Things Overall
  13. Masitinib in Patients With Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis
  14. Altered T-Cell Infusions Show Promise in Patients With Progressive MS
  15. 4 Ways Ocrevus Can Improve Your Life
  16. What the World Is Saying About Ocrevus
  17. Decisions to Stop Taking Tysabri for MS Are Often Subjective, Study Concludes
  18. Multiple sclerosis therapies: signal of rebound effect after stopping or switching therapy
  19. Glove with Sensors Measures Spasticity More Accurately than Physicians

General news

  1. Is ‘No Evidence of Disease Activity’ a Misnomer in MS?
  2. ADHD in children of women with MS
  3. When MS Attacks the Spinal Cord
  4. Clinical tips: multiple sclerosis

Mental & Emotional Health

  1. Chronic Illness and End-of-Life Decisions: Who are We to Judge?
  2. Pseudobulbar Affect: When MS Hijacks Your Emotions


  1. Diet for Recovery: The Multiple Sclerosis Autoimmune Disease Recovery Diet Guide for Beginners
  2. The role of diet in multiple sclerosis


  1. Cigarette smoking and APOE polymorphism in women with multiple sclerosis › Research Explorer
  2. The Cluttered Consequences of Multiple Sclerosis Fatigue

News posted on Barts MS Blog, with thanks to Gavin Giovannoni and his team:

  1. HSCT appears more effective than current MS drugs
  2. Dimethyl fumarate is it CD8 T cells?
  3. AAN News: Low convertion to SPSS after alemtuzumab…
  4. Listeria and alemtuzumab
  5. Optimizing Natalizumab
  6. Fingolimod doesnt extinguish the hot microglia
  7. MS news maybe you will get access to fampridine
  8. #NeuroSpeak & #ClinicSpeak: fingolimod rebound is …
  9. #ThinkSpeak & #ClinicSpeak: blog links
  10. #ThinkSpeak & #AAN2017: burnout
  11. #ThinkSpeak: blinkered
  12. #ThinkSpeak & #BrainHealth: just do it
  13. #ClinicSpeak: delayed diagnosis
  14. #ClinicSpeak & #SocialMedicine: social medicine th…
  15. #ClinicSpeak: is it time to stop smoking?
  16. #ClinicSpeak & #AAN2017: cognition and MS
  17. #ClinicSpeak & #ResearchSpeak: Are you a faller?
  18. #ClinicSpeak: Helen Kübler-Ross and denial in MS
  19. #ClinicSpeak & #NeuroSpeak: sleep disorders are as…
  20. #ClinicSpeak: risk of relapse from delayed intiati…
  21. #PoliticalSpeak: catching the British disease
  22. #PoliticalSpeak & #BrainHealth: can we shame MEPs?…
  23. #NewsSpeak & #PoliticalSpeak: how productive is yo…
  24. #NeuroSpeak: education, education, education ……..
  25. #ResearchSpeak: survival in people with MS is impr…
  26. #ResearchSpeak: why is there an increasing number …
  27. #ResearchSpeak: genomics confirms what we know reg…
  28. #ResearchSpeak & #NeuroSpeak: the great differenti…
  29. AAN2017. B cells and Disease Activity
  30. AAN2017. B cells remain in the brain after rituxim..
  31. AAN Targeting EBV with CD8 specific T cells
  32. AAN Siponimod Phase III positive in Secondary Prog…
  33. Is progressive MS at long last getting the spotlig…
  34. More Media Nonsense…Not the Cause of Multiple Sc…
  35. Alternative medicine anyone? Acupuncture in MS
  36. ClinicSpeak: contraceptive guidance
  37. Adenosine deaminase elevation in MS
  38. #AAN2017: Teaching Course Progressive MS
  39. Detecting myelin
  40. MS news maybe you will get access to fampridine
  41. MS and EBV
  42. Wonderdrug…To protect nerves
  43. Measuring Brain Loss
  44. Measuring Nerve Loss in MS
  45. Remyelination in the cortex. Revisited
  46. What Does B cell depletion do in Animals
  47. NEDA on DMF
  48. Crime & Punishment, morality in MS
  49. Making stem cells to make nerves
  50. MS review

Business News

  1. Novartis to speed up bid for MS drug approval, changes target
  2. FDA approves drug to treat MS
  3. Drug Costs Likely to Lead to Skyrocketing Multiple Sclerosis Care Burden
  4. Biogen Licenses Phase 2 Anti-Tau Antibody from Bristol-Myers Squibb
  5. Multiple Sclerosis Drugs 2017 Global Market Key Players – Biogen, Teva Pharmaceutical, Merck 
  6. Novartis’ Gilenya patent loss sets MS market up for battle with early generics
  7. Federal Circuit Affirms Obviousness of Novartis’s Patent for Multiple Sclerosis Drug
  8. Teva Showcases CNS Portfolio at 69th Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Neurology
  9. Atara Bio Announces Collaboration with Merck to Evaluate KEYTRUDA® (pembrolizumab)
  10. Biogen CEO eyes value-based payer deals to boost pressured MS franchise
  11. Roche’s Ocrevus to dominate the multiple sclerosis market

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