MS News: May 2017

2017 Meeting American Academy of Neurology (AAN)


  1. Molecule can help to repair myelin in mice

Clinical Trials

  1. Laquinimod trial unsuccessful
  2. Simvastatin trial planned for secondary progressive multiple sclerosis
  3. Ozanimod trail results
  4. Biotin trial planned
  5. Multi-million pound trial to investigate if statins could become MS treatment

Treatment News

  1. First treatment licensed for primary progressive MS in the US
  2. Gilenya effect on relapses
  3. Fampridine granted full licence
  4. Safety of beta interferon
  5. Sativex in the UK
  6. Relapsing-remitting MS: Alemtuzumab boosts outcomes for black patients

General news

  1. New tool to improve disability benefits test
  2. Next UK Government must commit: no more cuts to disability benefits
  3. Rise in avoidable hospital admissions for people with MS
  4. A new manifesto for neurology services in England
  5. Contraceptive safety in MS
  6. Carers and the impact of MS
  7. MS in America

Mental & Emotional Health

  1. Assisted suicide rethink


  1. Weight and MS severity
  2. Children, vitamin D and obesity


  1. Smoking and MS

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  27. #ThinkSpeak & #PolitcalSpeak: a balancing act
  28. AAN-ABN
  29. AAN2017: BBC could be used to advertise……healt…
  30. T regs
  31. MS isn’t caused by antibodies to myelin
  32. Damaging Cholesterol
  33. CD20 antibodies deplete EBV
  34. First case of PML on Ocrelizumab reported
  35. GABA controls oligodendrocytes
  36. GABA and Remyelination-Its Confusing I know but no…
  37. Be A Hero Ocrevus
  38. What is your Choice?
  39. Steroids and relapse route does not matter
  40. MS Genes why they may not always cause MS
  41. Overdosing with Natalizumab
  42. Are we there yet with JCV testing?
  43. Blast from the Past…Memory B cells depleted by H…
  45. DMF kills Memory B cells
  46. Dimethyl fumarate and Memory B cells
  47. BBB permeability is formed by slow rate of movemen…
  48. Imaging T cells in real time is Grizzly
  49. How do statins work in Secondary Progressive MS
  50. New outcomes for Progressive MS in a Year
  51. Heart Failure during Relapse

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