MS News: February 2015

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Time flies, as we’re once again nearing the end of February. It’s been an attention-grabbing month, with several positive news stories about treatment and also, about a rather interesting collaboration between Google and Biogen Idec.

First of all though, I wanted to add a link displaying how many clinical trials are ongoing as we speak. So dig in, and feel a little bit happier knowing that each day, a lot of people are seeking and working towards better treatment.

Additionally, I added two new categories to the list, news about MS Organisations and Diet also.


  1. Data Visualization Displays 142 Ongoing MS Clinical Trials
  2. MURDOCK study confirms Google partnership
  3. Google, Biogen Seek Reasons for Advance of Multiple Sclerosis
  4. Google Inc (GOOG) And Biogen Idec Inc Join Hands For Multiple Sclerosis Research
  5. Google, Biogen will use wearable sensors to study multiple sclerosis
  6. Google, Biogen Idec Unite to Bring New Research to Multiple Sclerosis

Research news

  1. MS Research Roundup: February 6, 2015
  2. Studying Vision Impairments in Multiple Sclerosis
  3. Uric Acid Correlated with Disease Activity in Multiple Sclerosis
  4. Multiple sclerosis: pathological progression of the disease documented for the first time
  5. Creative Medical Seeks Patent for Stem Cell Therapy for MS
  6. Scientists Update Recommendations on MS Research
  7. Spinal Cord, Retinal Measures Independently Relate to MS Disability
  8. Research Breathes New Life into Theory Supporting Possible Viral Etiology of Multiple Sclerosis
  9. Helicobacter Pylori Infection May Help Protect Against Multiple Sclerosis in Females
  10. Accelerated Cure Project for MS launches nationwide initiative to fuel multiple sclerosis research
  11. New drug target for multiple sclerosis discovered

Clinical trials

  1. Stem Cells Used to Treat Secondary Progressive Patients in Clinical Trial
  2. Helius Medical Technologies Announces First Three Subjects Enrolled in Canadian Multiple …
  3. Alkermes Reports Positive Data on Multiple Sclerosis Drug
  4. Experimental SPMS Drug From Innate Therapeutics Shows Success in Early Trials
  5. Evaluating the Evidence: Direct Comparative Trials in Multiple Sclerosis
  6. Ottawa Hospital leads Canadian clinial trial on stem cell therapy in MS patients

Medical treatment news

  1. Stem Cells Better Than Mitoxantrone for Multiple Sclerosis Treatment
  2. Stem-Cell Treatment Beats Medicine in Severe Multiple Sclerosis
  3. This Could Be Game-Changing News in the Battle Against Multiple Sclerosis
  4. Oral TRP Activator Could Resolve Muscle Cramps in Multiple Sclerosis
  5. Biogen Idec gets DCGI nod for multiple sclerosis oral drug
  6. Switching from Injectable to Oral Therapy Reduced Relapse in Multiple Sclerosis
  7. TECFIDERA, First-line Oral Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis, Approved in India
  8. A new drug is delivering remarkable results for Multiple Sclerosis sufferers
  9. Vibrating Soles May Prevent Falls to Patients with Multiple Sclerosis

Business news

  1. February Pick Of Biotech Stocks
  2. Sanofi profit soars on lower Lemtrada charge
  3. Epigem contribute to PhD research into Multiple Sclerosis
  4. Research and Markets: Multiple Sclerosis: Treatment and Global Market Report 2015
  5. Research and Markets: Funded Research in Multiple Sclerosis 2015-2020
  6. US SC sides with Teva in case over multiple sclerosis drug patent

MS Organisations

  1. Multiple Sclerosis Foundation launches ‘Orange 4 MSF’ campaign to promote MS awareness


  1. Study Suggests Multiple Sclerosis and Salt Intake May Be Related

General news

  1. iConquerMS Empowers Multiple Sclerosis Patients
  2. Accelerated Cure Project to Increase Participation in MS Trials
  3. Developers #HackMS at the First Ever Hackathon for Multiple Sclerosis
  4. Top 8 MS Research Advances of 2014
  5. Laughter Yoga for Multiple Sclerosis
  6. On the Hunt for a Multiple Sclerosis Cure
  7. New MRI Technique Visualizes Lesion Repair

Last month’s overview of positive news can be found here.

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