MS News: October 2014

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Once again, a lot of research news was published online, with the best headline saying “54 New MS Research Projects to Receive Millions of Dollars in Funding.” In my view, I can only jump up and down like a child at Christmas reading about new research and positive trial results. Even if or when we’re struggling with our illness, we know that lots is happening to help us forward in life.

So please, enjoy the list with research & clinical trial news, updates on current medication and business & general news.

Research news

  1. Researchers Characterize Uveitis With Multiple Sclerosis (Monthly Prescribing Reference)
  2. Multiple Sclerosis Patients May Benefit From Use of Dorsiflexion Assist Orthosis, According To (Multiple Sclerosis News Today)
  3. AAO: Researchers Characterize Uveitis with Multiple Sclerosis (HCPLive)
  4. MS Society-CDRD Collaboration Advances Promising Research Targeting Progressive Multiple … (Marketwired (press release))
  5. Does Multiple Sclerosis Start with Faulty Gut Bacteria? (Healthline)
  6. Could Multiple Sclerosis Begin in the Gut? (Scientific American)
  7. High Level of Multiple Sclerosis Diagnoses Observed Among Patients with Inflammatory Eye Disease (Multiple Sclerosis News Today)
  8. Research Shows No Link Between Vaccinations, Risk for Multiple Sclerosis (
  9. No long-term association found between vaccines, multiple sclerosis (Medical Xpress)
  10. HPV Vaccine Does Not Cause Multiple Sclerosis (Science 2.0)
  11. The NAD+ Molecule Could Lead To New Multiple Sclerosis Therapies (Multiple Sclerosis News Today)
  12. Prestigious Multiple Sclerosis Innovation Grant Goes To Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation (Multiple Sclerosis News Today)
  13. Placenta Cells Safe for Multiple Sclerosis Patients HCPLive)
  14. Retraining the Immune System Could “Switch Off” Multiple Sclerosis (HCPLive)
  15. Multiple sclerosis researchers find the effects of age on remyelination are reversible (Medical Xpress)
  16. New Multiple Sclerosis Genetic Variations Could Shed Light On How People Get the Disease (Multiple Sclerosis News Today)
  17. 159 New Multiple Sclerosis Genetic Variations Discovered By Researchers (BioNews)
  18. 54 New Multiple Sclerosis Research Projects To Receive $19 Million in Funding (BioNews)

Clinical trials

  1. Spanish-Filipino biopharma seeks cure for multiple sclerosis (Philippine Star)
  2. Experimental Spasticity Drug Being Tested, Will Enter Multiple Sclerosis Trials in Early 2015 (Multiple Sclerosis News Today)
  3. New MS Research To Focus On Cytokine Regulation, Neuroprotection, Tolerance Induction (Multiple Sclerosis News Today)
  4. Ankar Pharma Opens Crowdfunding for Promising MS Drug (Multiple Sclerosis News Today)
  5. Australian Secondary Progressive MS Clinical Trial Tests New Microparticle Therapy (Multiple Sclerosis News Today)
  6. Vaccine for Multiple Sclerosis in the Works (eMaxHealth)

Medical treatment news

  1. Multiple sclerosis patient speaks of three-year cannabis trial experience (Plymouth Herald)
  2. Major step forward for multiple sclerosis treatment in New Zealand (The Pharma Letter)
  3. Sport can help multiple sclerosis patients (Medical Xpress)
  4. Lemtrada Approved in Québec As Second-line RRMS Therapy (Multiple Sclerosis News Today)
  5. Multiple Sclerosis Self-Management Scale Enhances Patient Independence (Multiple Sclerosis News Today)
  6. Kessler Study Recommends Wellness Program for Multiple Sclerosis (Multiple Sclerosis News Today)
  7. Glatiramer acetate (Copaxone) therapy may alter B cell function in multiple sclerosis (2 Minute Medicine)
  8. New Findings on How Glatiramer Acetate Works for Multiple Sclerosis (HCPLive)
  9. Lemtrada Approved in Québec As Second-line RRMS Therapy (BioNews)

Business news

  1. Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Drugs and Biologics : Technologies and Global Markets 2014 (PR Newswire (press release))

General news

  1. New £1.5m multiple sclerosis therapy centre gets green light for Winch Wen Industrial Centre (Southwales Evening Post)
  2. MS Blueprint Online Program by Biogen Helps Patients Live Happier (Multiple Sclerosis News)
  3. Singer David Osmond Brings Voice to Novartis Multiple Sclerosis Campaign (Wall Street Journal (blog))
  4. “MS Radio” Offers Multiple Sclerosis Patients Breaking News, Articles & Tips About the Disease (Multiple Sclerosis News Today)
  5. Multiple Sclerosis Patients Gain Access To Novel Image Sharing Platform (Multiple Sclerosis News Today)
  6. New Novel Chronicles Multiple Sclerosis Struggles, Personal Victories (Multiple Sclerosis News Today)
  7. Understanding Myelin in Multiple Sclerosis (eMaxHealth)
  8. Whole-Foods Diet May Protect Against Leaky Gut and Multiple Sclerosis Progression (IBD News Today)


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