Hell is other people

person holding clear glass ball with flame

“The best lesson I ever taught myself was that “What you think, you become.” I refused to let being unhappy define me or let it shape my mindset for the rest of my life. In gaining happiness and trust again, I also learned to anticipate the outcome of whatever I decided in life. After all, happiness, hope and trust are 100% up to you, and you alone.”

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Trading pens and ink for bullets

“My own freedom of speech means the need to write, to create, to share, to ask, to think, to discuss and then create again the way I intended, the format and content I choose. It’s not only my basic human right, but it’s yours also and should be upheld regardless of country borders or religious background.”

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World MS Day 2014 in Ireland

Wednesday, May 28th is World MS Day. All over the world, people will organise events, wear orange, volunteer, work and/or attend conferences to raise awareness about an illness that so far, still cannot be cured. While 2014 is the ‘European Year of the Brain,’ this year’s World MS Day theme is ‘Access.’ Whether this means […]

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World MS Day 2014

We all have dreams, wishes, hopes and fears.


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Evil resolutions

Ah, that dreaded question! That thing we all say we will do but never actually make it to the finish line! We’re all creators of almost-standard replies that sound like “This year is the year I will lose 50 pounds of weight!” Or “From January 1st I will stop smoking for good!”

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A tribute to wolves

My first thought when waking up this morning, October 1st, was “Oh no, today is the start of the needless killing of wolves in Wyoming, yet another state set to kill wolves in an inhumane way.” However, Yellowstone National Park is located in Wyoming, and while thousands of tourists flock to the park to see […]

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