Magnetic voices

Life with MS is about adaptation. What you can do, however, is listen to the voice of reason, no matter how hard it might seem. It might say that you will need time, rest, medicines, a decent medical team and a seriously good dose of positivity to go through life.

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MS News: April 2017

The latest MS news about clinical trials, research, treatments, mental & emotional health, diet and lifestyle, including highlights from Barts MS Blog

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MS News: March 2017

Highlight still on American Healthcare Act, the replacement plan for the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) released by Congress on March 6, 2017 Society Releases Statement on American Health Care Act National MS Society Urges Lawmakers to Oppose American Health Care Act Reducing Out-of-Pocket Cost Barriers to Specialty Drug Use Under Medicare Part […]

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Single and chronically ill on Valentine’s Day?

You can channel your inner delightfully, dazzling diva while wearing pyjamas, dog-shaped winter socks, leg warmers and your turban hair towel.

You can drag your duvet to the living room, watch Romeo + Juliet and cry for an hour afterward because Leo died when he shouldn’t have (Damn you William Shakespeare!)

You can even binge-watch all six episodes of Pride & Prejudice –with Colin Firth- and think, “He may be cute, but thank god I don’t have to live with Mr. Darcy!”

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MS News: January 2017

Go red to Kiss Goodbye to MS campaign! Supporters in County Donegal asked to Help Kiss Goodbye to MS Supporters in county Longford asked to Help Kiss Goodbye to MS Co Leitrim people are being asked to help ‘Kiss Goodbye to MS’ Highlight! The top 10 drug launches of 2017 The year in new drugs

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Hell is other people

“The best lesson I ever taught myself was that “What you think, you become.” I refused to let being unhappy define me or let it shape my mindset for the rest of my life. In gaining happiness and trust again, I also learned to anticipate the outcome of whatever I decided in life. After all, happiness, hope and trust are 100% up to you, and you alone.”

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MS News: September 2016

Below are some MS-related topics that made the headlines this month. Do come back to check again, though, as the list will be updated every three to five days. Highlight! #ECTRIMS2016 – Congress on Latest in MS Research and Treatment Opens Sept. 14 #ECTRIMS2016 – Stay Up to Date with My Pick of Congress Highlights 25 […]

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No Place for Extremism

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I may have been critical of my native country Belgium in the past, but yesterday’s events in Brussels solidified friendships and my love for my people’s resilience and way of life. IS, ISIL, ISIS, Daesh (or whichever way they want to be called next) may think they won another war on foreign soil, but the western […]

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Trading pens and ink for bullets

“My own freedom of speech means the need to write, to create, to share, to ask, to think, to discuss and then create again the way I intended, the format and content I choose. It’s not only my basic human right, but it’s yours also and should be upheld regardless of country borders or religious background.”

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10 years: a lot to be thankful for

“MS itself? It took my job, but it doesn’t own me. MS doesn’t get praise for having me. No matter how bad MS treats me in the future, I am its CEO instead. I will never lose is the knowledge that I conquer MS every single day of the year. Perhaps not physically, but mentally I am stronger than MS.”

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World MS Day 2014 in Ireland

Wednesday, May 28th is World MS Day. All over the world, people will organise events, wear orange, volunteer, work and/or attend conferences to raise awareness about an illness that so far, still cannot be cured. While 2014 is the ‘European Year of the Brain,’ this year’s World MS Day theme is ‘Access.’ Whether this means […]

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World MS Day 2014

We all have dreams, wishes, hopes and fears.


Find out more…

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MS Trust 21 Challenge

“Here’s a breakdown of the challenge (you will be linked to the MS Trust website to enter). Like they say: “Keep the trust posted on the challenges you’re taking part in by sharing your stories and photos on Twitter and Facebook using hashtag #MSWeek!””

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Positive MS News: April 2014

Research results Enhanced uptake of multiple sclerosis-derived myelin by THP-1 macrophages and primary human … 7thSpace Interactive (press release) – The pathological hallmark of multiple sclerosis (MS) is myelin phagocytosis. It remains unclear why microglia and macrophages demyelinate axons in … Textured insoles could be a positive step for people with MS UQ News – University […]

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