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[Throwback Thursday] Balancing life and a chronic illness

Oh, you can bet I am willing, I am usually more than willing. When physical restraints curb your potential, you realise that you want so more from your own life, and out of your own reality. Life is moving forward outside your medically induced world, and you feel annoyed when healthy people don’t realise the worth of their bodies, their unused potential. It simply reminds you that being chronically ill sucks.

Man up!

“The more you struggle to live, the less you live. Give up the notion that you must be sure of what you are doing. Instead, surrender to what is real within you, for that alone is sure… you are above everything distressing.” (Baruch Spinoza)

While I was sleeping…

“If asked if I want to feel and be the ‘me’ before my diagnosis, I would reply this, “Of course I wish to be that person again, only, I simply cannot remember what ‘normal’ feels like.” Fatigue significantly interfered with daily life very early on in my road to diagnosis and was one of the reasons why, eventually, I was forced to retire four and a half years later.”

Balancing life and a chronic illness

Reality. It’s what’s for breakfast. After some feeble attempts trying to write a few paragraphs the past few weeks, it was back to the drawing board each time. Not good enough. Already done this. Needs more research. Too tired. Not fit enough. You know moments like these, you sit down, determination almost physically squeezing ink out of your pen. Cup of coffee at the … Read More Balancing life and a chronic illness

I don’t miss myself

So… Rugby world cup. At last. England in a fashion faux-pas. Coin toss aside, they resembled players of Wales, China, Japan or Kyrgyzstan (Fijian, red is Fijian). Mum’s nine day visit to Ireland now over. Visited Dublin Zoo once again. New camera making me rather shutter-slow, hence prevalent photographic bonding with rear ends of several animals. Otherwise, hardly left the house. Sniff. Thank you, … Read More I don’t miss myself

Ten happy MS years

A milestone like no other. A curious, strange one indeed. Ten years of living with MS. Ten. In fact, ten years and one week. Reality suddenly became a very different kind of living. As strange as it sounds, it became a more fulfilled life, a happier one also.

Under-caffeinated writer. Please help.

“Ah ladies and lads, you know I can be a bit kooky at times; hell, I can even get a little annoyed as well when things don’t go my way. I therefore won’t do it on this page. At all.”

Tiredness ≠ fatigue

“Yes, I do know how to read calendars and clocks. I even know how to reset the microwave clock when Ireland changes to a new daylight saving time. Please don’t compare your healthy tiredness to unhealthy fatigue, it’s like comparing microwaves to planet Mars.”

10 bold myths about MS

Multiple sclerosis is an illness subject to many myths that turn out to be misconceptions believed by far too many. When you scratch the surface, you find stubborn tales that create unnecessary anxiety and sleepless nights for those just diagnosed. So let’s just throw some of the many misconceptions out the door, shall we?

Wonder Woman Syndrome

“Having dissenting views on the verb ‘to pace,’ it is one I need to add seriousness as well as a lot more thought into. Having a Wonder Woman Syndrome is a term I sometimes carry with pride.”

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