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MS News: February 2017

February’s news about MS treatments, research, clinical trials, lifestyle choices, what if Obamacare is repealed (Affordable Care Act) and much more!

Preparing for your neurological appointment

Seeing your neurologist can often make you feel anxious or afraid to speak up. Each appointment should be about exploring options, not about being bulldozed by a standardised litany of things you don’t want. Going in prepared will make you feel more at ease, so why not make a list of vital questions and things you need to discuss? When you organise your thoughts, you … Read More Preparing for your neurological appointment

MS News: May 2016

Highlight! People with MS Share How They Are Stronger Than MS and Maintain Independence on World MS Day May 25 Research Hebrew University and Aurum Ventures Team to Create a Diagnostic Blood Test for RRMS JC Virus Carries a Mutation in MS Patients That Amplifies Brain Disease Known as PML MS and Young Adult-onset Hodgkin Lymphoma May Share Underlying Causes, Study Says Gut Microbiota … Read More MS News: May 2016

Positive MS News: October 2015

It was a busy month. ECTRIMS (European Committee for Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis Congress; October 7 – 10, 2015 in Barcelona) came and went, with insight and data offered on existing and new therapies.

I don’t miss myself

So… Rugby world cup. At last. England in a fashion faux-pas. Coin toss aside, they resembled players of Wales, China, Japan or Kyrgyzstan (Fijian, red is Fijian). Mum’s nine day visit to Ireland now over. Visited Dublin Zoo once again. New camera making me rather shutter-slow, hence prevalent photographic bonding with rear ends of several animals. Otherwise, hardly left the house. Sniff. Thank you, … Read More I don’t miss myself

What a difference a needle makes

Needle anxiety. We all went through childhood being afraid of injections. But why would someone have needle anxiety when what you’re about to self-inject every day, in fact slows down the progression of your chronic illness? Although my emotions regarding needles does not amount to belonephobia, I have gone through moments where I simply could not press a needle in my skin. Using an … Read More What a difference a needle makes

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