What MS and shoeboxes have in common!


It just makes for unimaginable breakouts of sarcasm filled with Irish-sounding words of wisdom. In more politically correct grammar, I often feel like replacing myself with newly created brain cells to replace those that somewhere down the line, must have gone missing after being targeted by biological and chemical warfare.

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MS Treatments (2018)

Doctor hospital header

List of Disease-Modifying Treatments available in 2018. If information is missing or incorrect, please send me a private message.

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🎀 3443 Needles 🎀

Girl smiling road

🎀 3443 Needles 🎀 2018 Best Blog Post @ Ireland Blog Awards Ashville Media Group October 26th, 2018   This is my favourite pose. Stretched out, in an apparent hug with what could be the floor or a bed. But, do not be confused, for I am not that hung up about yoga. I wasn’t on […]

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Preparing for your neurological appointment

Seeing your neurologist can often make you feel anxious or afraid to speak up. Each appointment should be about exploring options, not about being bulldozed by a standardised litany of things you don’t want. Going in prepared will make you feel more at ease, so why not make a list of vital questions and things you […]

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I don’t miss myself

So… Rugby world cup. At last. England in a fashion faux-pas. Coin toss aside, they resembled players of Wales, China, Japan or Kyrgyzstan (Fijian, red is Fijian). Mum’s nine-day visit to Ireland now over. Visited Dublin Zoo once again. New camera making me rather shutter-slow, hence prevalent photographic bonding with rear ends of several animals. […]

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What a difference a needle makes

Needle anxiety. We all went through childhood being afraid of injections. But why would someone have needle anxiety when what you’re about to self-inject every day, in fact, slows down the progression of your chronic illness? Although my emotions regarding needles do not amount to belonephobia, I have gone through moments where I simply could […]

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10 years: a lot to be thankful for

“MS itself? It took my job, but it doesn’t own me. MS doesn’t get praise for having me. No matter how bad MS treats me in the future, I am its CEO instead. I will never lose is the knowledge that I conquer MS every single day of the year. Perhaps not physically, but mentally I am stronger than MS.”

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