MS News: January 2018

MRI brain scan

Your monthly MS news is back after spending a few months in the cooler. It will continue as before, with highlights, news on research and clinical trials as well as lifestyle, diet and mental and emotional health.

If you found an article you want to add to this post, please let me know.


  1. 5 Tips Managing Cold and Flu Season with MS
  2. A UCL Special Grand Round: Recent Advances in Multiple Sclerosis
  3. Predicting MS in Patients With Clinically Isolated Syndrome: MAGNIMS vs McDonald Criteria
  4. Online Video Aims to Show How ‘Invisible’ Disabilities Affect Lives
  5. Video on Invisible Disabilities Breaks Down Barriers and Helps Make Connections

Research in Ireland

  1. Five leading Irish-based researchers to share SFI prize of €7m
  2. Two Trinity Researchers Among Five Winners of €7m in Funding


  1. Ground-breaking research looks at long-term headache relief in multiple sclerosis patients
  2. Clinical utility of magnetic corticospinal tract stimulation at the foramen magnum level
  3. Outer Retinal Dysfunction in the Absence of Structural Abnormalities in Multiple Sclerosis
  4. Retinal oximetry is affected in multiple sclerosis
  5. Easing Blood Flow in Neck Reduces Headaches, Fatigue in Certain MS Patients, Study Shows
  6. Identifying biomarkers for monitoring disease progression of multiple sclerosis
  7. Testing, Rigorous Research Needed for Cognition in MS
  8. Non-invasive Brain Stimulation Reduces MS-associated Cognitive Fatigue
  9. Longitudinal personality change associated with cognitive decline in multiple sclerosis
  10. PET trumps MRI in detecting damaged nerves in MS patients
  11. PET Scans May Help Image Multiple Sclerosis-Related Damage
  12. MS Patients’ High Osteopontin Protein Levels Make It a Potential Biomarker for the Disorder, Study …
  13. Study Identifies MS Patients at Risk of Severe Disease Reactivation After Gilenya Is Discontinued
  14. Gene Expression Poised to Become Multiple Sclerosis Treatment Target
  15. Non-Hispanic Women Have Highest MS Mortality Rates, But Blacks Die Earlier, UCLA Survey Finds
  16. Loss of Deep Grey Matter in Brain Linked to Greater Disability, MS Progression in Study
  17. Eye Movement Abnormalities In Multiple Sclerosis
  18. Researchers Found Precise Neuroprotective Approach to fix MS-Damaged Nerves

Clinical Trials

  1. Antidepressant Shows Potential as Treatment for Progressive MS
  2. Biogen’s MS drug Tecfidera could make cancer-killing viruses more potent: Study
  3. Holland Approves Clinical Trial Plans for AXIM’s Cannabis-based Gum for MS Pain and Spasticity
  4. Study of Betaferon Adherence in Patients With Multiple Sclerosis Treated With Interferon Beta-1b
  5. Primary progressive ms clinical trials
  6. 4 Multiple Sclerosis Studies Pharmacists Should Know About, Part 1

Treatment News

  1. Ocrelizumab Receives Licence in EU
  2. Clinical Disability in Multiple Sclerosis- New Concepts in Assessment and Treatment
  3. Brabio, 1st Generic Version of Copaxone for Relapsing MS, Launched in UK
  4. Off-label rituximab tops other disease-modifying therapies for multiple sclerosis

General News

  1. Botox could help people with crippling health problems — but needs to be subsidised, doctors say
  2. Is Optic Neuritis Overdiagnosed?
  3. Best Advances of 2017: Picks from the Neurology Today Editorial Advisory Board
  4. Neurology News
  5. Palliative care interventions for people with multiple sclerosis
  6. Common Clinical and Imaging Conditions Misdiagnosed as Multiple Sclerosis
  7. Diagnosing MS Faster and Better

Mental & Emotional Health

  1. Is the association between health-related quality of life and fatigue mediated by depression in patients with multiple sclerosis? A Spanish cross-sectional study


  1. Diet, exercise prove helpful in treating MS
  2. Cholesterol hinders nerve cell repair in MS
  3. How Diet And Exercise Can Help Combat Multiple Sclerosis


  1. Signs you’re not getting enough calcium, vitamin A or vitamin D – and why it matters

News posted on Barts MS Blog, with thanks to Gavin Giovannoni and his team

  1. Do you want to learn about MS and live in the Midd…
  2. Astrocyte as bad guys. A piece in the jigsaw
  3. Trial in Remyelination is safe in humans
  4. Is the problem of MS due to EBV in the B cells?
  5. Education: How does a nerve fire?
  6. Tragic news: have you had your flu jab?
  7. The interpretation of results can depend on the wa…
  8. Smoking a potential drug interaction in IFNB
  9. Comorbidties and smoking, what can we do about the…
  10. Has NICE got it wrong this time?
  11. What is causing the MS pandemic?
  12. Imaging grey matter atrophy to find the roots of d…
  13. Fingolimod affects white blood cells, but really t…
  14. Is HSCT for everyone, or not?
  15. Circadian rhythm the subconscious mystery
  16. Imaging Demyelination, but am I being a bit thick?…
  17. Future Directions for Laboratory Animal Law in the…
  18. Making T reg cells. Explaining the daclizumab conu…
  19. Is it right to go off-label? the rituximab story c…
  20. Newsflash: the wait is over ocrelizumab finally ge…
  21. Guest post: FAIR data for next generation manageme…
  22. Guest post: Familial MS: do your genes seal your f…
  23. Anti-depressant for Progressive MS: can mice go to…
  24. Predicting low lymphocyte counts after DMTs
  25. HSCT on the Increase
  26. Regional Specific Astrocyte Function for Repair a…
  27. Walking the talk, but too slowly: one #MSBrainAtta…
  28. Taxis for wheelchair users!
  29. Why is MS more common in women?
  30. On how patients with multiple sclerosis weigh side effect severity and treatment efficacy when making treatment decisions
  31. Happy New Year Q&A Jan 2018

Business News

  1. Novartis: Future Looks Bright, But Valuation Is Full
  2. Faron Pharmaceuticals drug receives fast-track designation from US regulator
  3. Global Multiple Sclerosis Drugs Market 2017: Industry Analysis, Top Company, Research Forecast
  4. Biogen cuts $217m deal for Karyopharm neurology drug
  5. Biogen forecasts robust 2018, quarterly revenue beats on Spinraza sales
  6. Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Drugs Market Overview & Industry Landscape by Focusing On Top Key

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