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Top 10 MS support pages on Facebook

Searching for a Facebook support page for people with MS? Look no further!

MS News: February 2017

February’s news about MS treatments, research, clinical trials, lifestyle choices, what if Obamacare is repealed (Affordable Care Act) and much more!

MS News: July 2016

The latest news on MS research, clinical trials, treatments, mental health, diet, exercise, lifestyle as well as business news and videos.

MS News: June 2016

Check June’s main MS news stories and do not forget to share them!

Positive MS News: February 2016

Highlight! SHEMAR MOORE JOINS KISS GOODBYE ACTRIMS 2016 ACTRIMS 2016 Talk Weighs Clinical Differences, Similarities in 2 Major Forms of MS Results of New SPMS Study to Be Presented at ACTRIMS Effects of Specific Antibodies on MS Neurodegeneration to Be Presented at ACTRIMS Forum Treadmill Exercise Benefits MS Patients, According to Study Presented at ACTRIMS Forum NIH Study into Progressive MS Biomarkers to Be Presented … Read More Positive MS News: February 2016

Positive MS News: January 2015

The first month of 2015 has come and (almost) gone again. With that, it’s full steam ahead in the field of MS research, clinical trials, business news and interesting, general newsworthy bits and pieces. This month, the highlight was the news about MS and stem cell treatment, providing a decent outlook for those looking for alternative treatment. I’ll keep following this news throughout the … Read More Positive MS News: January 2015

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