MS News: March 2017

Image head/brainHighlight still on American Healthcare Act, the replacement plan for the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) released by Congress on March 6, 2017

  1. Society Releases Statement on American Health Care Act
  2. National MS Society Urges Lawmakers to Oppose American Health Care Act
  3. Reducing Out-of-Pocket Cost Barriers to Specialty Drug Use Under Medicare Part D: Addressing
  4. Researchers find patients’ annual financial burden under Medicare Part D is ‘too much too soon’


New book by the honourable American/Irish author and friend Trevis Gleason!

  1. Chef Interrupted: Discovering Life’s Second Course in Ireland with Multiple Sclerosis


  1. Blood Diagnostic Test for Multiple Sclerosis to be Released in May 2017


  1. Multiple sclerosis research
  2. Linking RNA to autoimmune diseases
  3. EBI2 Receptor Facilitates T-cell Invasion of Brain in MS, Animal Study Shows
  4. Trigeminal Neuralgia Often Precedes MS
  5. Stress Test: When Strain Becomes a Chronic Disease
  6. Possible new target for treatment of multiple sclerosis found by U of A researchers
  7. Scientists May Have Discovered New Avenue Of Treating Multiple Sclerosis Patients
  8. Researchers find another immune system link science said didn’t exist
  9. Researchers Find New Gene Interaction Associated With Increased MS Risk
  10. Gene Variants May Help Diagnose MS Early
  11. Epistatic Interaction Linked to Multiple Sclerosis Risk
  12. Vein-Expanding ‘Liberation Therapy’ Ineffective for Multiple Sclerosis
  13. UCR scientists find possible link between MS patients’ nerve-covering damage and seizures
  14. Medical University Researchers Find New Interaction Linked To Higher Multiple Sclerosis Risk
  15. MS Patients Face Higher Risk of Contracting Kidney, Bladder Stone Disease, Study Finds
  16. Scientists use microRNA to rebuild nerves’ protective sheaths in MS model

Clinical Trials

  1. Alkermes starts Phase III trial of ALKS 8700 to treat multiple sclerosis
  2. Atara Bio’s Collaborating Investigators to Present Interim Results from Phase 1 Trial
  3. AB Science announces positive top-line results of final analysis from study AB10015
  4. Clinical evidence supports medical marijuana
  5. Early Rebif Treatment Prolongs Progression to Clinically Definite MS, Study Reports
  6. Pooled Trial Data: Oral Drug Highly Effective in Relapsing-Remitting MS

Treatment News

  1. Exploring Treatment Options for Multiple Sclerosis
  2. Science weighs in to assess risks and rewards of medicinal cannabis
  3. 5 Things to Know About the New MS Drug Ocrevus
  4. FDA Approves First Drug to Treat Severe Multiple Sclerosis

General news

  1. Standardized Magnetic Resonance Imaging Acquisition and Reporting in Pediatric Multiple Sclerosis
  2. At the heart of primary progressive multiple sclerosis: three cases with diffuse MRI abnormalities only
  3. Migraines and MS
  4. 7 Tips for Dealing With MS-Related Urinary Problems
  5. Swallowing Problems in MS That Lead to Pneumonia Need Attention, Professor Says

 Mental & Emotional Health

  1. Euthanasia’s Appeal by MS Patients in Unbearable Pain Highlights Urgency in Treating Depression
  2. Anxiety as a Predictor of Depression in Multiple Sclerosis
  3. Psychosocial Factors in Multiple Sclerosis

News posted on Barts MS Blog, with thanks to Gavin Giovannoni and his team:

  1. Tabalumab (LY 2127399) Trial in 243 people in 63 Centres. Where you involved? what Happened?
  2. Modifiable risk factors in MS – help yourself
  3. B cells for MS, what evidence smashes the idea?
  4. #PoliticalSpeak: ethical or unethical?
  5. At-home cognitive remediation may help cognitive symptoms in multiple sclerosis
  6. #NeuroSpeak: high-quality care for improved patient outcomes
  7. When does Bad Pharma Become Good Pharma Publishing phase I studies
  8. Long-term outcomes following stem cell transplant for multiple sclerosis
  9. #PoliticalSpeak & #BrainHealth: we are finally meeting some politicians
  10. #ClinicSpeak: MS and its impact on pregnancy and having children
  11. #PoliticalSpeak & #BrainHealth: Why does innovation in healthcare cost so much?
  12. DMF and T cells
  13. Memory and intellect in MS
  14. Antiviral protein linked to depressed mood in mice
  15. MS in the NEWS. CCSVI is a waste of your money
  16. #ResearchSpeak: multiple sclerosis causes dementia
  17. #NewsSpeak & #NeuroSpeak: who deserves the Ig Nobel prize for MS research?
  18. Remyelination
  19. #GuestPost: MS cognitive difficulties but not “dementia”
  20. Characterizing Clinical and MRI Dissociation in Patients with Multiple Sclerosis
  21. A way to Stop Monocytes entering the brain
  22. #GuestPost: Gisela Kobelt on the economic costs of MS in Europe
  23. #NewsSpeak: MS Paris 2017 Meeting
  24. New autoantigen in Astrocyte
  25. Sniffing salt water the next big treatment?
  26. Fatigue in MS – things you should know
  27. #NewsSpeak: another eagle has landed – daclizumab
  28. Team G review for Progressive MS points the way to success for progressive MS
  29. Season of Birth Effect….in Mice
  30. #ClinicSpeak & #ResearchSpeak: half-dose fingolimod not good enough
  31. #NeuroSpeak: blast from the past cladribine MOA
  32. Predicting MS Activity
  33. Recognition of viral and self-antigens by TH1 and TH1/TH17 central memory cells in patients with multiple sclerosis reveals distinct roles in immune surveillance and relapses.
  34. #ClinicSpeak & #Neurospeak: low platelets with alemtuzumab
  35. #GuestPost & #NeuroSpeak: Neuro-Compass
  36. Natural Killer cells and MS
  37. #PoliticalSpeak & #OffLabel: it is okay to use off-label DMTs
  38. #ClinicSpeak; gardening post-alemtuzumab
  39. #PoliticalSpeak: impact or lack of impact
  40. More on B cells.We don’t all have the same ideas. Who is right?
  41. MS lymphocytes making new myelin
  42. #ClinicSpeak & NeuroSpeak: MS drugs and your mouth
  43. #CarerSpeak & #ClinicSpeak: child carers
  44. Researchers find new gene interaction associated with increased MS risk
  45. Microrna treatment restores nerve insulation, limb function in mice with MS
  46. A BAT associated with MS suceptibility
  47. #NewsSpeak: an eagle called ocrelizumab has landed
  48. #NeuroSpeak: MS MasterClass for learning about managing MS
  49. Defective T cell control of EBV in MS
  50. #NeuroSpeak & #ClinicSpeak: stability of the anti-JC virus antibody index

When You’ve Just Been Diagnosed

  1. Dispelling Multiple Sclerosis Myths
  2. Exploring Treatment Options for Multiple Sclerosis

Business News

  1. Novartis’s Innovative Medicines Segment in 2016
  2. Sandoz: Novartis’s Generics Business in 2016
  3. Glenmark gets tentative nod from USFDA for Fingolimod capsules
  4. Kadimastem Obtains US Patent for Neurodegenerative Disease Stem Cell Technology
  5. Biogen Inc: MS drug patent ruling win clears uncertainty
  6. PTAB upholds Biogen’s MS drug patent
  7. Sanofi to be a leader in MS, but not yet
  8. Neurological diseases cost the US Nearly $800 billion per year

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