MS News: April 2016



  1. New injectable multiple sclerosis drug given go-ahead 
  2. Smoking Cessation Decelerates Brain Volume Loss in Multiple Sclerosis


  1. Catching glandular fever can prevent multiple sclerosis
  2. Drug boosts myelin regeneration in mice raising hope of future treatments for MS
  3. Gut Bacteria Affects Myelin Content and Induces MS-Like Depression in Mice, Study Reportsultiple sclerosis development risk linked with where you live
  4. The nature of genetic susceptibility to multiple sclerosis: constraining the possibilities
  5. A Way Forward in Treating Primary-Progressive Multiple Sclerosis?
  6. Study Shows Potential of Novel Compound to Treat Multiple Sclerosis
  7. Cytokine Once Thought Only to Promote Inflammation Now Seen to Have Restorative Properties, Too
  8. Multiple sclerosis: A new leap forward?
  9. Technique measures ‘postural sway’ to diagnose neuromuscular disorders
  10. Multiple sclerosis Could Helicobacter pylori provide protection against multiple sclerosis?

Clinical Trials

  1. Long-term MS treatment under microscope Treatment News
  2. MedDay’s MD1003, a Biotin, Shows ‘Remarkable’ Efficacy in Treating Inactive but Progressive MS
  3. Sanofi Genzyme Presenting New Data on Its Approved and Investigational Multiple Sclerosis …
  4. Promising Phase 1 Trial Results of Stem Cell Therapy in Progressive MS Patients
  5. Stem Cell-Derived Therapy Shows Promise in Progressive Multiple Sclerosis

Treatment News

  1. Ocrelizumab Promotes No Evidence of Disease Activity in Multiple Sclerosis
  2. Amantadine and multiple sclerosis
  3. Rituximab is superior to fingolimod for certain patients with multiple sclerosis
  4. Does DMF Cut Multiple Sclerosis-Related Workplace Productivity Decline?
  5. Metformin, pioglitazone reduce inflammation in multiple sclerosis with metabolic syndrome
  6. Antioxidant May Offer Neuroprotection in Multiple Sclerosis

Holistic Treatment News

  1. Yoga, aquatic exercise can help combat MS symptoms
  2. #CMSC16: MS Experts Agree on Benefits of Vitamin D Supplements

General News

  1. Perspectives and experiences of Dutch multiple sclerosis patients
  2. Sharing Clinical Trial Data for Multiple Sclerosis — Standardized and Pooled Data Available


  1. At-Home ‘Brain Training’ Program for MS Patients Reported to Improve Cognitive Skills by 29%
  2. Next: Scalable, medication-free relief of cognitive symptoms related to Multiple Sclerosis
  3. Virtual reality game helps patients with MS


  1. Multiple sclerosis disease activity link to food allergies studied
  2. The Multiple Sclerosis Diet Book
  3. 6 reasons why Multiple Sclerosis can be helped with 6 cups of coffee

MS Organisations

Business News

  1. How Biogen went big to boost sales of its multiple sclerosis pill
  2. Biogen, AbbVie multiple sclerosis drug wins EU green light
  3. Global Multiple Sclerosis Drug Forecast 2016 Market Analysis to 2024 By Global Market Research …


  1. Stem Cell Treatment 7 for Multiple Sclerosis
  2. Multiple Sclerosis As A Neuronal Disease
  3. What Is Primary-Progressive MS?
  4. New MRI measures to help monitor Multiple Sclerosis
  5. Clinical Neuroimmunology Multiple Sclerosis and Related Disorders Current Clinical Neurology

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