MS News: March 2016

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  1. Researchers spill the beans on coffee and MS
  2. Health Benefits Of Coffee: Multiple Sclerosis Risk Lower In People Who Drink More Java Daily
  3. Coffee may help combat Multiple Sclerosis (MS)


  1. Diabetic Oral Drugs Like Metformin Eased MS Symptoms in People with Both Diseases, Study Reports
  2. Signaling Molecule Seen to Induce CNS Remyelination in Mice with Spinal Injuries
  3. Oral MS Drug Derived from Plant Peptide Seen to Stop Disease Progression in Mice
  4. MS Lesions in Cerebellum Ably Predict Disability Levels and Disease Progression, Study Suggests
  5. MS Animal Study Suggests That Placental Cells Might Serve as Future Stem Cell Therapy
  6. Blood Biomarkers of Multiple Sclerosis May Predict a Person’s Response to Treatment
  7. Therapeutic Target for Stabilizing Histamine, an Inflammatory Agent in MS, Identified in Fruit Fly Study
  8. New role of environment in multiple sclerosis revealed
  9. OMRF scientist discovers new multiple sclerosis biomarkers
  10. Study: Possible link between Vitamin D, pregnancy, and multiple sclerosis
  11. New Study Explores Brain Damage in MS Patients with Autoimmune Comorbidities
  12. Environment may play significant role in multiple sclerosis

Clinical Trials

  1. Experimental MS Oral Antibiotic Combination Therapy Showing Promise in Phase 2a Study, RedHill Biopharma Reports
  2. Kinase Inhibitor, Masitinib, Spotted for Potential to Treat Neurological Disorders Like PPMS

Treatment News

  1. Alemtuzumab (Lemtrada) Seen to Slow Disease Progression by Targeting Key Brain Systems
  2. Potential Progressive MS Treatment, Ibudilast, Approved for Fast Track Development by FDA
  3. Study Finds Aubagio Well-tolerated and Efficient in Long-term MS Treatment
  4. MS Therapy Tecfidera Might Exert its Actions by Increasing B-cells
  5. PhRMA Report Looks at Decade of Progress in Treating MS and Other Chronic Diseases
  6. Antidiabetic Agents Promising for Multiple Sclerosis Management
  7. FDA grants fast track designation for Medicinova’s drug for progressive multiple sclerosis
  8. Teriflunomide modifies the disease course in people with multiple sclerosis

General News

  1. 10 Tips for Self-Managing Your Multiple Sclerosis
  2. MS Society Honors MS Awareness Week with New ‘Together We Are Stronger’ Campaign
  3. Kessler Researcher Awarded $408,000 by MS Society to Study Ways of Easing Fatigue
  4. Video games improve brain connections in multiple sclerosis patients

Business News

  1. National MS Society Welcomes Novartis as Premier Sponsor, for 5th Year, of Walk MS
  2. Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis (SPMS) Pipeline Review
  3. Pipeline of Multiple Sclerosis Market H2 2015 Review Research  
  4. Genmab Update On Ofatumumab And Multiple Sclerosis
  5. Numerous Cutting-edge Product Introductions to Boost Multiple Sclerosis Drugs Market
  6. Sanofi Genzyme Symposium on MS Therapies Targeting T and B Cells; Exclusive …


  1. Combatting multiple sclerosis with smartwatches
  2. Resistance Training in Ms Patients Found to Improve Hip Strength, Walking Ability

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2 thoughts on “MS News: March 2016

  1. Willeke I’ve just found your blog after reading a few of your blog posts on the LivingWithMS website and looking you up, and my am I glad! Your website is a truly empowering resource with such a range of content. Thank you for this round-up of latest MS news, absolute gold. I shall be trawling your blog posts enthusiastically from now on!

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