MS News: January 2016



  1. Multiple sclerosis in 2015: Managing the complexity of multiple sclerosis
  2. Cancer Treatment Shows “Remarkable” Ability to Reverse Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms


  1. Could stem cell transplantation yield a cure for MS?
  2. Study Says: Estrogen Helps Women With Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
  3. Estrogen Treatment Reduces Multiple Sclerosis Patient Relapses
  4. Scientists find cause of cognitive decline in MS patients
  5. First Laser Measurements of Magnetic Fields of Single Nerves
  6. Remyelination in Multiple Sclerosis: Novoron Bioscience
  7. Epilepsy drug ‘could help multiple sclerosis patients’
  8. Embryonic Stem Cells Will Offer Treatment For Multiple Sclerosis
  9. UVa researchers make brainy breakthrough
  10. UVa immune system-brain research hailed as a breakthrough
  11. Is Leaky Gut Responsible for Multiple Sclerosis?

Clinical Trials

  1. Phase II study of epilepsy drug shows promise in optic neuritis
  2. Alkermes Announces Initiation of Phase 1 Clinical Study of New CNS Drug Candidate ALKS 7119
  3. Novel Multiple Sclerosis Treatment Uses Chemo And Stem Cell Therapy To Restore Immune System
  4. Multiple Sclerosis Clinical Trials More Successful Than Other Diseases

Medical Treatment News

  1. New Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis
  2. 14 Therapies and New Decisions in Multiple Sclerosis
  3. Tecfidera® (Dimethyl Fumarate) Funded in New Zealand
  4. The tech giving people power to rise above disability
  5. Oral fingolimod in primary progressive multiple sclerosis (INFORMS)
  6. No Early Risk When Stable MS Patients Switch to Oral Drugs


  1. Link between autoimmune disease and processed food

MS Organisations

  1. The 555 Neurology Project

General News

  1. MRI criteria for the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis: MAGNIMS consensus guidelines
  2. Some Pros and Cons of a Celebrity Sharing Their MS

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5 thoughts on “MS News: January 2016

  1. Thanks . incredible! Στις 29 Ιαν 2016 11:37 μ.μ., ο χρήστης “Ireland, Multiple Sclerosis & Me” έγραψε:

    > Willeke posted: ” Highlight! Multiple sclerosis in 2015: Managing the > complexity of multiple sclerosis Cancer Treatment Shows “Remarkable” > Ability to Reverse Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms Research Multiple sclerosis > fatigue linked with poor sleep and tas” >

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