]MS News: September 2015



  1. Less vitamin D and melatonin bad for multiple sclerosis
  2. Multiple sclerosis relapse risk influenced by melatonin levels
  3. Melatonin could help treat multiple sclerosis
  4. Melatonin Linked to Seasonal Relapses of Multiple Sclerosis


  1. Inhibiting LINGO-1 Protein is a Potential Future Treatment for Cognitive Impairment in MS Patients
  2. Innate multiple sclerosis treatment trials gather pace
  3. Class II HLA interactions modulate genetic risk for multiple sclerosis
  4. New Genetic Risk Factors for Multiple Sclerosis Identified in Study
  5. New Study Unravels How Myelin is Repaired, May Suggest New MS Treatments
  6. Discovery of Mechanism That “Guides” Immune System Cells to Injury Sites Could Benefit MS …
  7. Mental Visual Imagery Strategy Can Improve Neuropsychological Functions in RRMS Patients
  8. Brain Scientists Discover Why Cognitive Speed Slows in MS Patients

Clinical trials

  1. Roche drug succeeds in hard-to-treat form of MS
  2. Roche drug succeeds in hard-to-treat form of multiple sclerosis
  3. Possible JC Virus Vaccination Offers Important Implications for MS Treatment
  4. Chemotherapy treatment for multiple sclerosis to be trialled by Geelong dad

Medical treatment news

  1. FDA Issues Approval For Bayer Autoinjector For Multiple Sclerosis Therapy
  2. Fingolimod (Gilenya) Found to Be an Effective Multiple Sclerosis Therapy for Up to Three Years of …
  3. Takeda Pharmaceutical: New Drug Application Approval in Japan for Copaxone® Subcutaneous …
  4. Merck Prepares to File for European Marketing Authorization for Cladribine Tablets as a Multiple …
  5. Merck KGaA tries to revive multiple sclerosis pill cladribine
  6. HSE to fund on limited basis cost of multiple sclerosis drug

Holistic treatment news

  1. Medical Marijuana Use for Pain Relief in Medical Conditions like MS and AIDS Explored in New …
  2. Aphios Awarded Grant for Cannabinoid Production To Develop Therapeutic Agent for MS
  3. Cleaveland: Researcher makes the case for use of medical marijuana

MS Organisations


  1. Popular Diets in Multiple Sclerosis
  2. High-Salt Diet May Lead to Multiple Sclerosis Onset


  1. Intense Exercise May Help Children With Multiple Sclerosis


  1. Review Explores Factors that Influence Quality of Life in Patients with Multiple Sclerosis
  2. Multiple Sclerosis signs are not always visible
  3. How one neurologist diagnosed with multiple sclerosis is using his experience to treat MS patients
  4. Multiple Sclerosis Assistive Devices Can Change Lives
  5. Researchers Find OCT Imaging Technique a Reliable Tool for Multiple Sclerosis Assessment
  6. Cast of ‘Criminal Minds’ spotlights Multiple Sclerosis at 40th Annual Dinner Of Champions in …

Business news

  1. More Than 50 Presentations of New Data from Genzyme’s Multiple Sclerosis Franchise to be …
  2. New report shares details about the global relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis (rrms) drug market …
  3. Beyond cancer, Roche pins big hopes on new MS drug
  4. Multiple Sclerosis Drugs Market 2015 review, research, size, share, industry analysis, trends and …
  5. Research and Markets: Global Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis (SPMS) Pipeline Review …



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Willeke is a disability awareness advocate and originator of Ireland, Multiple Sclerosis & Me. She actively writes for the Irish MS society’s blog and the Novartis Living Like You blog. In doing so, she raises awareness about life with multiple sclerosis at home and abroad, and hopes to change people’s perception on life with a chronic, invisible illness. Connect with her on Twitter and Facebook.

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One thought on “]MS News: September 2015

  1. When I saw your name on another blog (with the comment), I thought such a Dutch name! Now I see your last name, it looks like old Dutch – is it?
    The bullet points about MS make sense to me -vit. D is good for uptake of vit. C and melatonin is a relaxer. Don’t give up hope with the MS!
    (Oh I almost forgot – I am Dutch but lived more than 3 decades in California)

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