MS News: August 2015

Bibiana Bielekova, MD, is the new director of UC's Waddell Center for Multiple Sclerosis and and associate professor of neurology. Reference Jan 06 "Findings".

Vitamin D research was once again a recurring news story this month, with more studies linking lack of vitamin D to MS.

Also widely reported was the news Novartis bought GlaxoSmithKline’s remaining rights to Ofatumumab, an investigational multiple sclerosis medicine, for up to $1 billion.


  1. Gene study finds link between multiple sclerosis and low vitamin D
  2. Gene study backs up link between vitamin D and multiple sclerosis risk
  3. Low levels of vitamin D may cause multiple sclerosis
  4. Vitamin D deficiency direct cause of multiple sclerosis (MS): Study


  1. Nano Sensor Detects Multiple Sclerosis in Early Stages
  2. New MS Testing Model Can Predict If Disease Will Intensify in Patients
  3. Researchers Reveal Glucosamine As A Potential Natural Remedy For Multiple Sclerosis
  4. IIT-Madras team’s research to help detect multiple sclerosis
  5. Cortical Lesion Burden Indicative of Multiple Sclerosis Disability, Progression
  6. Balance Problems for Multiple Sclerosis Patients Come from T Cells

Clinical trials

  1. Clinical Trials Study Cannabis Chewing Gum for MS-Associated Pain and Spasticity
  2. AXIM Biotech Explains Cannabis Chewing Gum Clinical Trials for Pain and Spasticity Wi…
  3. Apitope Completes Enrollment for Phase IIa Trial for Relapsing Multiple Sclerosis
  4. Amarantus Announces Publication of a Clinical Study of MSPrecise(R) Diagnostic for Identification

Medical treatment news

  1. Access remains tricky as more patients register for cannabis oil
  2. Oral Disease Modifying Agents for Multiple Sclerosis Are Now More Preferred by Neurologists
  3. Fingolimod vs Interferon in Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis
  4. Biogen’s Tecfidera Now The Most Prescribed Oral MS Therapy Globally

Alternative/Holistic treatment news

  1. Mental visual imaging training improves multiple sclerosis patients’ well-being
  2. Neurolumen Provides Natural Alternative For Multiple Sclerosis Drugs
  3. Yoga: Healthy aging with an age-old practice
  4. Massage for multiple sclerosis



  1. How exercise benefits children with multiple sclerosis

MS Organisations

  1. Multiple sclerosis society urges patients to assert rights


  1. 6 Skills for Living Well With Multiple Sclerosis
  2. There’s an app to have help just a tap away

Business news

  1. Novartis Buys Rights to GSK MS Drug for $1 Billion
  2. Novartis (NVS) to Acquire Remaining Rights to GlaxoSmithKline’ (GSK) Ofatumumab
  3. Novartis acquires remaining rights to GlaxoSmithKline’s experimental drug
  4. “Multiple Sclerosis Market in the US 2015-2019” Published
  5. $54.6M Campaign Will Fund New Home for UC Neuroscience Institute
  6. Multiple Sclerosis Industry 2015 US Market Research Report
  7. Pfizer Acquires Exclusive Commercialization Rights to Generic Copaxone for Relapsing Remitting

And lastly…

  1. A letter to my son who doesn’t understand Multiple Sclerosis


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Neurologically challenged by MS and personally by her will to succeed, Willeke is a disability awareness advocate seeking to improve neurological/MS services in Ireland. By highlighting difficult issues that come with such a diagnosis, she hopes her tenacity can bring some dignity to people most in need of a modern, inclusive healthcare system that looks after every aspect of life.

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