MS News: July 2015

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Because of the summer holidays, less positive news has filtered through. Either way, enjoy, and hopefully more next month!


  1. Gene Regulating Treatment Response in Multiple Sclerosis Identified
  2. New Study Evaluates The Role of MRI in Monitoring MS Progression Multiple Sclerosis
  3. Nano-Drugs in Liposomes Could Treat Multiple Sclerosis
  4. Altered Immune Cells in Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis Patients Cause Reduced Immune Capacity
  5. MS Study Uses Findings on Quality of Life Issues To Develop New Confidence-Building Intervention
  6. Nutra Pharma Working on Pediatric MS Treatment Based on Venom Multiple Sclerosis News Today
  7. Identifying MS Gene Mutations Could Make Personalized Treatment Possible Multiple Sclerosis …
  8. Brain Scan To Detect Multiple Sclerosis, Other Brain Abnormalities
  9. Why medical research matters
  10. New MS Study Shows TYSABRI Improves Cognitive Impairment
  11. AB Science announces successful non futility test for masitinib in progressive forms of multiple …
  12. Study Evaluates Gilenya’s Impact on Central Autonomic … – Multiple Sclerosis News Today
  13. Women and men’s immune system genes operate differently, Stanford study shows

Clinical trials

  1. Results on Ibudilast Clinical Trial To Be Presented At 2015 International Symposium on ALS/MND
  2. New Drug Shows Promise for Treating Multiple Sclerosis
  3. Science Confirms (Yet Again) That the HPV Vaccine Is Safe
  4. Oral Steroids Similar to IV for MS Relapses

Medical treatment news

  1. Biogen’s Tecfidera Now The Most Prescribed Oral MS Therapy Globally
  2. Masitinib Shows Promise in Study For Treating Progressive MS Patients
  3. Long-Term Study of Gilenya Shows Positive Results in MS Treatment

Holistic treatment news

  1. For People With Multiple Sclerosis, Building Confidence Improves Health, Quality Of Life
  2. Medical Marijuana Users Believe Drug’s Effectiveness Is Greater Than Other Treatments
  3. Marijuana Is a Wonder Drug When it Comes to the Horrors of Chemo – Newsweek
  4. Massage for Multiple Sclerosis


  1. Multiple Sclerosis – Epidemiology Forecast to 2023 | Medgadget
  2. 9 reasons why Harry Potter author JK Rowling is pure magic
  3. Chicago premiere of Richard Pryor work coming in October with Broadway in Chicago run
  4. “MS” Documentary Released on YouTube
  5. MS Views and News Seeks to Improve MS Education in July

Business news

  1. Teva’s MS drug Copaxone has strong second-quarter sales
  2. Biogen’s Tecfidera Now The Most Prescribed Oral MS Therapy Globally

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