MS News: June 2014


Research results

  1. Fatigue in Multiple Sclerosis Linked to Regional Brain Damage
    Multiple Sclerosis News Today – Fatigue, a common symptom of multiple sclerosis, could be a result of regional damage in the brain.
  2. Multiple sclerosis Reactivation of Epstein–Barr or herpes viruses not associated with MS relapse – Infection with the Epstein–Barr virus or human herpesvirus 6 is associated with the initial onset of multiple sclerosis (MS)
  3. SLU researchers see possible answer to chemo pain in a multiple sclerosis drug
    Science Codex – A medication called FTY720 (Gilenya) is FDA-approved as a therapy for multiple sclerosis.
  4. Researchers publish one of the longest longitudinal studies of cognition in multiple sclerosis
    Medical Xpress – The article, “Cognitive impairment in multiple sclerosis: An 18-year follow-up study,” was epublished by Multiple Sclerosis and Related Disorders.
  5. Roche Turns to MS Research on Agreement with Versant Ventures
    Multiple Sclerosis News Today – will be dedicated mostly to the development of therapies for multiple sclerosis. Inception 5′s research will focus on multiple molecular targets.
  6. Embryonic Stem Cells Will Offer Treatment For Multiple Sclerosis: Study
    Counsel & Heal – Researchers have identified a novel approach to treating multiple sclerosis using human embryonic stem cells.
  7. Parasitic worm in pigs could help relieve symptoms of arthritis, multiple sclerosis, diabetes and
    Herald Sun – but it does not harm humans, and there is even evidence it can lessen symptoms in people with multiple sclerosis and inflammatory bowel disease.
  8. Researchers Report Alternate Explanation Discovery Of How And Why CCSVI Treatment Works In
    Multiple Sclerosis News Today – effects of “chronic cerebro-spinal venous insufficiency” (CCSVI or CCVI) treatment for Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and certain other disease conditions.
  9. Pregnancy Hormone Drastically Cuts Relapse Rates in Women with MS
    Healthline – Women with multiple sclerosis (MS) have long claimed that their disease seems to go into remission when they’re pregnant, and that they feel better.
  10. Human embryonic stem cells perform well in multiple sclerosis mouse study
    BioNews – ‘The cells not only reduced the clinical symptoms of multiple sclerosis but prevented demyelination, which disrupts the ability of the nervous system.

Clinical trials

  1. Compassionate Use Trial of Innate Immunotherapeutics’ Multiple Sclerosis Drug Shows Positive…
    Multiple Sclerosis News Today – Australian biotechnology company Innate Immunotherapeutics’ trial for a drug to treat secondary progressive multiple sclerosis (SPMS).
  2. Trial looks for new ways to treat progressive MS but like many patients with Relapsing Remitting MS, Gerke’s disease progressed to a condition known as Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis.
  3. AUBMC Launches Phase Two of the National Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Campaign in…
    Zawya (registration) – said Dr. Samia Khoury, Director of Abu Haidar Neuroscience Institute and Multiple Sclerosis Center at AUBMC and Associate Dean.

Medical treatment news

  1. Physiotherapist Creates Group Exercise Manual for MS Patients
    Multiple Sclerosis News Today – Group exercise could be very beneficial in improving the health of multiple sclerosis patients, according to Sheila Lennon, Physiotherapy Professor.
  2. Researcher Recommends Brain Imaging To Treat MS-Related Depression
    Multiple Sclerosis News Today – Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) can predict responses to depression treatment in patients with multiple sclerosis (MS).
  3. Fingolimod (Gilenya) licence extended
    MS Trust – the extension of the licence for fingolimod to allow greater access to the drug for people with highly active relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis.
  4. Low carb high fat keto diet helps epilepsy, MS, depression, cancer, weight loss – Despite those preliminary changes, Dr. Wahls continued to decline and received a second diagnosis of secondary progressive multiple sclerosis.
  5. Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis: George Jelinek
    WSIU – George Jelinek was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1999 at the age of 45. The Australian Professor of Emergency Medicine has been successful…
  6. Noted Interventional Radiologist Unveils a Modified Approach to the Treatment of Autonomic… – This treatment for autonomic dysfunction shows promise for patients who suffer from Multiple Sclerosis.
  7. Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency Is Not a Cause of Multiple Sclerosis
    Multiple Sclerosis News Today – The controversy lies in whether or not CCSVI causes multiple sclerosis, which makes the “liberation procedure” to open veins and improve blood flow.

 General news

  1. Why We Can’t Say What Multiple Sclerosis Looks Like – What vision comes to mind when you hear the words “multiple sclerosis?”
  2. After The Fall, A Young Man Chronicles His Life With MS
    Capital Public Radio News – Jason DaSilva was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at age 25. He has applied his skills as a documentary filmmaker to show what it’s like.
  3. Multiple Sclerosis Foundation Launches First MS Online Radio Station
    Multiple Sclerosis News Today – Recently launched by the non-profit Multiple Sclerosis Foundation (MSF), is the first online radio station.
  4. Biogen to reapply for HSE funding for multiple sclerosis drug
    Irish Times – The makers of a drug that helps people with multiple sclerosis to walk are to make a fresh application to have it covered by the Health Service.
  5. Jack Osbourne follows strict Paleo Diet to help his fight against Multiple Sclerosis
    Irish Independent – Multiple Sclerosis is a chronic disease where the body attacks the myelin sheaths that protects the nerves.
  6. New Guidelines for Categorizing MS
    Everyday Health – In their paper, Defining the Clinical Course of Multiple Sclerosis, the committee reviewed the different phenotypes of multiple sclerosis.
  7. Better MS Tracking Tool Developed by Robarts Institute Scientists At University of Western Ontario
    Multiple Sclerosis News Today – at the University of Western Ontario’s Robarts Research Institute have developed a better way to track the progression of Multiple Sclerosis.

 Business news

  1. Multiple Sclerosis — KOL Insight and Consensus Outlook Modules – The multiple sclerosis treatment landscape has undergone dramatic changes over the past year.
  2. British Columbia to Reimburse TECFIDERA(TM), a First-Line Oral Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis
    MarketWatch – TECFIDERAT is a first-line oral treatment for adults with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis (RRMS).
  3. Roche and Inception create multiple sclerosis-focused joint venture
    Zenopa – Roche and Inception create multiple sclerosis-focused joint venture Roche has announced an exclusive partnership with Inception Sciences.
  4. Biogen Idec and AbbVie report positive multiple sclerosis drug data
    Zenopa – Biogen Idec and AbbVie have announced positive top-line phase III clinical trial data for a new therapy for relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis
  5. REFILE-Receptos shares soar as lead drug meets main goal
    Reuters – Multiple sclerosis is an incurable and unpredictable disease of the central nervous system, whose cause is still largely undetermined.

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