MS News: March 2014

1376314586_multiple_sclerosisA little bit later than usual, for which I apologise, but here is the good news that graced global media in March 2014.

    1. Scientists one step closer to treating multiple sclerosis
      The Columbiachronicle – The recent discovery of a new type of blood cell may lead to strides in the treatment of multiple sclerosis, an autoimmune disease
    2. UVA Offering MS Medication Trial as Part of National Network
      NBC 29 News – The first clinical trial UVA is taking part in tests whether one medication for progressive multiple sclerosis will work.
    3. SMC Says Yes to Aubagio® (teriflunomide), a New Once Daily First-line Oral Treatment
      SYS-CON Media (press release) – “The prevalence of multiple sclerosis in Scotland is one of the highest in the world.
    4. Give MS research a chance’
      Daily Advertiser – A LOCAL person living with multiple sclerosis has slammed the churches and government for preventing a radical MS treatment from saving lives.
    5. Tattoo will do nicely, gran!
      Oldham Chronicle – But 73-year-old Rose Littleford put them to shame by getting an orange ribbon tattoo to raise awareness of multiple sclerosis.
    6. Generous donation goes down swimmingly at Herefordshire MS Therapy Centre
      Hereford Times – A DONATION from a Hereford law firm means a therapy centre can offer additional help to those suffering from Multiple Sclerosis (MS).
    7. Walk MS Orlando – By Hannah Corlew -. Get ready to lace up your sneakers and help give hope to the more than 10,000 people in Central Florida.
    8. New OHSU center aims to speed cures for Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis and other diseases
      Portland Business Journal (blog) – The center could help accelerate cures and treatments for Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis.
    9. Connect to end multiple sclerosis
      The Harlan Daily Enterprise LOUISVILLE – Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a life altering disease that affects each person in a unique and different way.
    10. Multiple sclerosis linked to the Pill
      Independent Online – London – Taking the contraceptive Pill may increase a woman’s chance of developing multiple sclerosis, researchers warn.
    11. Living – and working – with multiple sclerosis
      Florida Times-Union – Sgt. Eric Twisdale (at center, in cap and sunglasses) stands with members of the Clay County Sheriff’s Office, who participated with him
    12. Study Reveals Possible Method For Multiple Sclerosis Early Diagnosis
      BioNews Texas – One of the most difficult aspects of treating Multiple Sclerosis is its diagnosis.
    13. New hope for people living with MS
      ITV News – Every week 50 people will be diagnosed with Multiple sclerosis – a disease that has no cure.

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3 thoughts on “MS News: March 2014

  1. It’s great that the scientists have got one step closer to a cure but since no one knows how far away it was to begin with it all seems a little up in the air. It’s a bit like MS drugs that slow down the rate of progression – if no one knew how fast it was going how do they know it has slowed down. This is not a criticism it’s realism and I am a supreme optimist. I hope that there are not many steps to go to finding that elusive cure.

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