The worst snoring secret is out!

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So yes… I snore.

Considering how much weight I gained after too many MS steroid treatments, one side effect was completely overlooked. I am now the owner of a good habit of sounding like Miss Piggy at night.

Steroid treatments should lift energy levels, not snoring.

But I do…

Like Miss Piggy.

Gaining an unhealthy three stone a couple of years ago after three or four rounds of steroids in one year, I found out last year that snoring is a side effect of being a bit round around the belly.

In my eyes, round is also a shape, so I really am in shape and I don’t know why people are complaining about it.

As you can tell, I am rather in denial.

Of course, I laugh the snoring subject away because… I mean, come on… who snores?

People who are drunk or heavy boned.

I am neither.

I am thin boned with just a bit of a flabby tummy right now. I am nowhere near being in weight loss programs on television or signing up for a tummy tuck.

If anyone is offering one, however, I’ll gladly accept it!

So what happened?

Last Monday, during my 6-monthly neurological check-up, the neurologist asked me if I experience shortness of breath often. She saw me gasping for air after getting on the hospital bed to check out my reflexes and picked up on it straight away.

I had to think about that question because the “Did you get what I am asking you?” question doesn’t travel all the way to the top floor of my brain lately. Brain fog… I am slightly overcooked by the Irish hot… yes, hot weather this summer!

I had to admit that yes, I do feel like I am breathless often but I put it down to being a bit heavier this day and age. And then…

There it was.

The snoring question. SNORING?! 

Who, me?!

Only last year my sister-in-law tried to flip me on my side when we were on holidays in the lovely region that is Northern Ireland. Niece, nephew and sis-in-law were wide awake, while I snored the catchy tune of ‘Molly Malone’ in my sleep.

My neurologist then uttered the word “lung consultant” and “acute sleep apnoea.”


I now have to add another doctor in the hospital who I will have to grace with my rather enlarged Prednisone-induced presence. At this rate, I will have seen every department and doctor by the age of 45. Seeing that I only turned 40 last month, I’m well on my way to beating my previous record in collecting doctor appointments.

But it is so… not… funny.

The lovely neurologist said that I might have to sleep with an air mask on my face.

There goes my love life! Completely, utterly, destructively so not sexy anymore!

“Hey babe, are your feet warm enough, I can warm them for you if you like?” will turn into “Jeez woman, that thing is hideous on yer face, take it off!”

Not sure if my love life is doomed, but that is just not on. Not at all. Just when my belief in Irish men has grown somewhat, I hear that a freaky gas mask, sorry, oxygen mask might be on the cards!

Not sure when the appointment is, but I will do everything I can in the meantime to cut the snoring out of my life.

Moral of the story?

Never bunk with family members or friends because they might point out your bedtime weakness; have a room to yourself with a door that can be firmly locked and never tell anyone you snore, ever again!

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5 thoughts on “The worst snoring secret is out!

  1. One more thing to add to your list. It seems never ending at times, I bet. Snoring is a great secret, until others are around. You asked in your last comment if the person ever wakes up to their own snoring. I sure wish my husband would! He sounds like a freight train sometimes. :) I hope that you can find a cure for it before having to go the sleep apnea route. I’ve heard from my brother and sister-in-law (who both have it) that sleeping with a machine is no fun.

  2. hahaha
    I have asthma and have to use the steroid for it and other things. One thing that can happen to me…when I am tapering off, if I do it too quickly(quick is the current trend for most things) I gain ooodles of weight, the stereotypical tummy bulgey thing andddddddddddd my asthma can bug me when i’m nearing done. This means the steroid works. It sucks when it stops working OR when the need for the prednisone goes away but then the sob comes back. So does SNORING and exhaustion–that can feel like the brain fog of a flare. Inhaled steroid and proper treatment of hidden COPD and/or asthma can correct this. Sometimes, I need to stay on inhalers all of the time to prevent, other times I just have to use them to shift from prednisone. Good luck, being SOB can cause me to drive me nuts and to focus too much on being sick and trying to guess and self medicate, instead of living life. Normally during one of these times(when I really need a doctor so I feel better quickly) I avoid. :D Aren’t I smart? Good Luck!

    1. Annoying isn’t it when you have to rely on medication that much? It would drive you crazy indeed and slowly but surely you become a wee pharmacist yourself :D

      Asthma, urgh, I feel your pain Elisa! Same here, although it’s “asthma-like symptoms” and I get an inhaler that kind of helps. But for my MS, if it gets too bad, I need to go on Prednisone myself. Only problem is that I’ve been on so many treatments that they stopped working altogether (It’s like antibiotics… the more you take, the less they work. I never go on antibiotics unless I’m in hospital, half dead because of Clostridium Difficile again. Then I have no other option than to tackle it with large bags of it going through my veins).

      You know, I should never have read the info page of Prednisone. I saw that it said “weight gain” on the little paper and I’m quite sure it stuck in my brain somewhere, and when I felt like ice cream, that little thought popped up again and there you go… weight gain because of ice cream and other savoury things.

      Thank god I’m single, I bet I’d drive the new boyfriend to the spare room to get some sleep! :D

  3. Ah, yes, snoring. My daughter came to visit my partner and I. Sadly for her, we have only one bedroom, and the living room is right next door. I apologized ahead of time. My partner talked to her about my snoring. He doesn’t think his own snoring is loud ;) She cut me off before I could get a word of apology out….. Yet talk of snoring often makes us laugh??? Did I mention she also snores??? I have tried those strips you can buy – and they help a little….I would duct tape my nostrils wide open if I thought it would work (laughing on line). I hope you get some more oxygen one way or the other – vicks is good too!! Hugs

    1. Hahaha that is hilarious Sarah! And yes, how come we don’t want to admit it that we snore also, yet are quite eager to inform of other people snoring? I’ve had this myself. Me snoring? No way! You snoring? Hell yeah! And it is a funny subject to talk about, hence my blog post. I thought “ah yeah, get the word out, inform future house guests that there is someone cutting down pretty big trees with the sound of that electrical saw!” (my snoring has been compared with the sound of those saws :))

      I’m going anti-snoring-material-shopping tomorrow, see what I can find!

      By the way, do you wake up of your own snoring? I do, slapstick moments!

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