That twitching feeling

“Suffice to say that the type that I have, is stimulus-sensitive and is triggered by a variety of external events, including sound, touch, movement, and light. Just like MS’s unpredictability in general, myoclonus can vary in intensity as well as in frequency, and it cannot be controlled by the one experiencing it.”

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The worst snoring secret is out!

Apple laptop duvet

So yes… I snore. Considering how much weight I gained after too many MS steroid treatments, one side effect was completely overlooked. I am now the owner of a good habit of sounding like Miss Piggy at night. Steroid treatments should lift energy levels, not snoring. But I do… Like Miss Piggy.

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MS fatigue… the invisible monster

MS fatigue… The most common, yet most difficult to detect a symptom in multiple sclerosis. Aside from feeling exhausted, having to explain people over and over how different it is to normal tiredness, you often get a stigma assigned of “yeah, yeah, you’re just being lazy” or “sure, now keep walking, it’s probably not that […]

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