Giving up?!

Red umbrella

But, MS is the keeper of secrets. Not just for a day, but forever. So, rewrite your narrative, embrace its playful game of cards waiting for you to chase triumphs during times of adversity.

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Disable Inequality

It’s been rather quiet down here. The past four to five months, I’ve been involved in disability rights campaigns and had a long much-needed Christmas and New Year’s break. I’m now back to passive campaigning in some form or another while having the flu… it’s never boring in MS-land. With the Irish election campaign in […]

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Wondering if you’ll make it down the staircase, you go back to bed.

Your gut tells you this is not right, something is just not right inside.

Work needs to be informed.

Will you even make it to work?

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But nudging isn’t enough

“I spend half my time comforting the afflicted, and the other half afflicting the comfortable.” (Wess Stafford) “If you’re afraid to defend your convictions because you might get your ass kicked for it, you’re not really fit to advocate for them.” (James Carlos Blake) “But nudging isn’t enough.” (Jacqueline Novogratz) “Never be afraid to raise […]

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World MS Day 2014

For more on World MS Day, please visit This year’s tag-line is “One day…” where people with MS can add access-related mottos, questions and ideas to. Access is still a very important issue that needs more research, adaptation, laws, understanding, support and elimination of barriers before people with multiple sclerosis can lead a totally […]

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