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Magnetic voices

Life with MS is about adaptation. What you can do, however, is listen to the voice of reason, no matter how hard it might seem. It might say that you will need time, rest, medicines, a decent medical team and a seriously good dose of positivity to go through life.

200 days

“To many, life with MS can seem like a book where letters have been replaced by numbers or where the cover can be too hard or too soft for its content. Because of this, I don’t want them to see what MS can turn into. I refuse to show them that there is no cure, I refuse to give them a reason to give up on me. In my view, it is very much a case of the illness being mine, but the tragedy theirs if I let them.”

How (not to) be sick!

That’s me. I forget how to be sick. The fact that physically I am crumbling under a lot of neuropathic pain, can’t frown my forehead into cute wrinkles, have no feeling on the top of my scalp, have constant bees in my ears of tinnitus, stabbing facial pain and intense fatigue, is something I refuse to show anyone carrying a medical degree. It’s a survival instinct of sorts.

Early signs of MS

While discovered 150 years ago, the cause of MS remains unknown. What we do know is that nerve damage is caused by inflammation, but the cause of the inflammation is still unknown. This means that there is no cure yet. Because of the different types of MS and the plethora of possible symptoms, 50+ symptoms can be linked to MS. Many people can, therefore, … Read More Early signs of MS

10 years: a lot to be thankful for

“MS itself? It took my job, but it doesn’t own me. MS doesn’t get praise for having me. No matter how bad MS treats me in the future, I am its CEO instead. I will never lose is the knowledge that I conquer MS every single day of the year. Perhaps not physically, but mentally I am stronger than MS.”

10 bold myths about MS

Multiple sclerosis is an illness subject to many myths that turn out to be misconceptions believed by far too many. When you scratch the surface, you find stubborn tales that create unnecessary anxiety and sleepless nights for those just diagnosed. So let’s just throw some of the many misconceptions out the door, shall we?

The first day

“Change is good,” so they say. I totally agree, in fact, I welcome change with open arms. Afraid of new challenges? No, not me. Because change is good.

You never know how strong you are…

One of the most emotional journeys you could go on, is meeting yourself along the road of a diagnosis you never wanted to happen. It will make you, shape you and perhaps take you somewhere you don’t want to go, but for now, you have to. You lose a parent, a brother or sister, or someone else you dearly loved, and yet time goes … Read More You never know how strong you are…

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