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💋 Kiss Goodbye to MS 2017 💋

I agree it has been fairly quiet here. A lot has happened the past few months which required the usual RRS, the almighty Rest, Relaxation, and Sleep. New things are still taking shape, so do hang around or drop me an email. 💋💋💋 Pucker up in the meantime in February! Go RED to KISS GOODBYE TO MS, the global fundraising campaign, supported by MS … Read More 💋 Kiss Goodbye to MS 2017 💋

Positive MS News: May 2015

New additions: news about MS and diet, exercise etc. More will follow soon! Highlight! Hawaii Legislature approves medical marijuana dispensaries Medical marijuana registry in Quebec called world’s first Texas Senate Approves Medical Marijuana Bill State health officials unveil new marijuana dispensary rules

Books, Ireland and a few blanks

“To see the real Ireland, the sea, the ocean, the mountains, the patches of green under constantly changing shadows, is to know its people. Despite trying to give Ireland the best of both worlds, it ended up taking up part of me. Lex talionis not applied, I abide by its spirit and ever-welcoming mind.”

Volunteering, a worthy cause

“In fact, for anyone interested in volunteering, research shows it can be beneficial in improving mood, self-esteem and quality of life, and in reducing stress, pain and depression. It also shows that ill people who volunteer, become better at managing their own illness in turn and volunteering can strengthen their immune system.”

A powerful letter to my MS

“I thought you were just another Monday morning case when you walked in,” my consultant said, followed by lots of apologies and the promise that I would be very well taken care of.”

Trigeminal Neuralgia Awareness Day

Tomorrow is the first Trigeminal Neuralgia Awareness Day, focused on bringing awareness about facial pain disorders. This year I have gone through severe TN attacks myself and I therefore want to spread awareness about Trigeminal Neuralgia, also called “the suicide disease” because of the severity of pain experienced. Please check out this video and these internet pages: http://www.tnawarenessday.com/ : “The presumed cause of TN … Read More Trigeminal Neuralgia Awareness Day

UNCRPD – Getting Ready to Ratify (1)

“What I’d like to try if I were guaranteed not to fail is to implement the UN Convention on the Rights for People with Disabilities. Too many disabled people all over the world are hurting because of existing inequality, dogma and exclusion. In Ireland for example, people are being denied inclusion and that needs to end now. Getting the Convention ratified so is of major importance, even if/when governments are not interested in doing so.”

MS: lesson in minimalism

Can I let you in on a little secret? It’s something meaningful and I’d like to share it with you. Before getting all philanthropic and philosophical, having multiple sclerosis is not a nice thing. Or a happy thing. Not when you’ve just been diagnosed. It’s a long road to acceptance. In between hearing ‘You have MS’ and saying to yourself, ‘You know what, I … Read More MS: lesson in minimalism

MS: a social disconnect

Therein lies the disconnect: the way others want me to be, and me not being able to keep up. How many of us have pretended to be well enough to walk another 500 meters? How many say they are OK when they feel pain in their limbs, their eyes and in their soul? How many say they will be able to go to work when they were awake half the night because of pain?
Unwillingly we are put in a non-self-imposed isolation; we are put there by our illness, and quite often by the outside world. Our mental functioning is now processed differently because of our illness.

Reality check!

I just saw this picture on a dedicated MS Facebook  page. It says “YOU WILL NEVER KNOW WHAT PAIN IS UNLESS YOU HAVE MS!!” Well excusez–moi please, but that is just absolutely ridiculous. Life is NOT A CONTEST of who has more pain than the other, it’s not a game of showing people how sick we can be. So forgive me for sticking up … Read More Reality check!

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