MS News: February 2017

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Highlight! What if Obamacare (Affordable Care Act) is repealed?

  1. Big Pharma’s offer to Trump: Discounts when drugs don’t work
  2. Advanced Curriculum for Multiple Sclerosis ’17: ACTRIMS Forum
  3. Patients Value Obamacare More Than General Public and Oppose Its Repeal, Survey Says
  4. Patient groups fear Obamacare repeal could undo protections for sickest Americans
  5. Most with Chronic Conditions Find Affordable Care Act Beneficial, Poll Shows
  6. Travel ban has serious medical consequences (Opinion)


  1. MS Research Participants Wanted
  2. Blood Test for Multiple Sclerosis May Be Near
  3. Multiple Sclerosis Blood Biomarker Discovered
  4. First Multiple Sclerosis Blood Biomarker Discovered; Test May Soon Be Available
  5. Natural Variations in Interleukin-16 Gene Linked to MS Risk in Small Study
  6. MicroRNAs May Serve as Biomarkers of Multiple Sclerosis Progression
  7. Multiple sclerosis, inflammatory diseases linked to 27 high-protein gene regions
  8. New B Cell–Depleting Therapy Effective for Relapsing Multiple Sclerosis
  9. How Fast Will Multiple Sclerosis Develop? Blood Test Can Determine Prognosis
  10. Excitotoxins, Mitochondrial and Redox Disturbances in Multiple Sclerosis
  11. Agilent Enables a Major Breakthrough in Multiple Sclerosis
  12. Unexpected Disease Activity Observed From Multiple Sclerosis Drug Swap
  13. Executive Functioning in Pediatric Multiple Sclerosis
  14. Childhood MS shows us that Memory B cells are Important in MS
  15. Obesity and Early Start of Puberty Linked to Greater Likelihood of MS in Study of Teens
  16. Secondary progressive multiple sclerosis research papers
  17. Study sheds light on the biology of progressive form of multiple sclerosis
  18. secondary progressive multiple sclerosis
  19. Shedding Light on the Biology of Progressive Form of Multiple Sclerosis
  20. Nasal solution may help prevent visual decline in multiple sclerosis patients
  21. Sensitivity of resting state fMRI to Multiple Sclerosis pathology
  22. Stem Cell Treatment for MS: Can’t We Move Any Faster?
  23. Impact of Disease-Modifying Therapy on Retinal Thinning in Multiple Sclerosis
  24. The association between human endogenous retroviruses and multiple sclerosis
  25. Atlas of antibodies for research

Clinical Trials

  1. Outcome Measures in Clinical Trials for Multiple Sclerosis
  2. Clinical trial shows bouts of fasting lowers risk of age-related disease
  3. Study: Celgene’s ozanimod bests Biogen’s Avonex in patients with relapsing multiple sclerosis

Treatment News

  1. Natalizumab for Multiple Sclerosis: A Case in Point for the Impact of Translational Neuroimmunology
  2. Gilenya Could Help Treat SPMS by Countering Astrocytes, Study Says
  3. 95% of MS Patients Open to Marijuana Treatment, 73% Have Tried It
  4. The Key To Multiple Sclerosis: Amitriptyline Offers Hope For Pain Management
  5. Common Multiple Sclerosis Drug Found to Cause Liver Injury
  6. Cladribine Tablets Significantly Reduced Brain Atrophy in Patients With Multiple Sclerosis
  7. New therapeutic agent shows potential for treating optic neuritis linked to multiple sclerosis
  8. New Compound, ST266, May Prevent Optic Neuritis Linked to Multiple Sclerosis
  9. Drug for MS could also treat nerve damage, research shows
  10. Drug May Slow Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis

General news

Mental & Emotional Health


  1. Book review: The Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis Cookbook
  2. The Multiple Sclerosis Diet Book



  1. Stress and MS: Webinar from IOMSN Helps Manage Daily Stress
  2. Novel shoe insoles step in right direction for multiple sclerosis
  3. Massage Therapy Can Be Effective in Reducing Pain for Those with MS
  4. Monitoring gait in multiple sclerosis with novel wearable motion sensors
  5. LiveWiseMS: A New Online Resource for People Living with MS

When You’ve Just Been Diagnosed

News posted on Barts MS Blog, with thanks to Gavin Giovannoni and his team

  1. What’s Happening with the Clinical Trial Data
  2. The message from Fingolimod
  3. Multiple Treatment Options Now Available for Multiple Sclerosis
  4. Childhood MS shows us that Memory B cells are Important in MS
  5. ClinicSpeak & #ResearchSpeak
  6. ClinicSpeak & #NeuroSpeak
  7. ResearchSpeak
  8. ThinkHand: viewing disability through art
  9. Metabolomics in MS
  10. Compound in cannabis does not look Dope
  11. No effect of smoking on progression
  12. Tabalumab (LY 2127399)

Business News

  1. Why Roche Could Gain Ground in the Neurodegenerative Drug Market
  2. Teva sees higher active pharmaceutical ingredient sales in 2016
  3. 3 Biotechs With Tremendously Promising Pipelines
  4. Israel Police Investigate Teva on Suspicion It Bribed Officials Abroad
  5. Sanders needles drug company for $89000 price tag on Multiple Sclerosis drug
  6. US healthcare costs to escalate over next decade: government agency


  1. Multiple Sclerosis 101

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