MS News: January 2017


Go red to Kiss Goodbye to MS campaign!

  1. Supporters in County Donegal asked to Help Kiss Goodbye to MS
  2. Supporters in county Longford asked to Help Kiss Goodbye to MS
  3. Co Leitrim people are being asked to help ‘Kiss Goodbye to MS’


  1. The top 10 drug launches of 2017
  2. The year in new drugs


  1. Epileptic Seizures in Multiple Sclerosis May Suggest Shared Pathology
  2. Tiny Molecules in Blood Could Be Biomarkers of MS Progression, Study Says
  3. Study finds new links between human genome and inflammation tracers
  4. Autoimmune diseases Inhibitor of adaptor protein shows self-antigen selectivity
  5. Researchers Find Clues To Multiple Sclerosis In Blood
  6. New Study Gives Hope to Multiple Sclerosis Patients
  7. Uveitis Risk May be Elevated in Patients with Multiple Sclerosis
  8. Researchers Find Sleep Increases Brain Cell Production
  9. Brain Cells Of ‘Villainous Character’ Might Explain Diseases Like Parkinson’s
  10. Hope For Multiple Sclerosis: Toxic Brain Cells Shed Light On Multiple Sclerosis
  11. Targeting Astrocyte Brain Cells That Turn Toxic Could Help Treat Huntington’s, Other Diseases
  12. Rab32 connects ER stress to mitochondrial defects in multiple sclerosis
  13. Genes That Influence Physical Traits May Be Reason MS More Common in Women
  14. Cognitive performance of neuromyelitis optica patients: comparison with multiple sclerosis

Clinical Trials

  1. Patient Opinions on Zinbryta Seen to Match Phase 3 Trial Data
  2. Upper Cervical Cord Atrophy for Clinical Trials in Multiple Sclerosis
  3. Federal Regulation Interferes with Cannabis Clinical Trials for Multiple Sclerosis
  4. AXIM Begins Phase 2 Trial of Cannabinoid Chewing Gum for IBS Symptoms

Treatment News

  1. Tips to Fend Off Invasion of the Common Cold
  2. Majority of Irish GPs support medicinal cannabis
  3. NeuroBreak: Novel Lemtrada Side Effect; Lower Narcan Dose OK’d
  4. 2 Cases of Brain Inflammation Raise Questions of Lemtrada Safety, But Link Uncertain
  5. Amprya Bioequivalent Approved for Multiple Sclerosis
  6. Medicinal Drug for Multiple Sclerosis Linked to Liver Injury Risk
  7. MS Drug Tecfidera Linked To Potential Liver Injuries
  8. Fingolimod blocking Alemtuzumab action what does it tell us about MS?
  9. Researchers Discover Severe Side Effects of Approved Multiple Sclerosis Medication
  10. Serious adverse effect with alemtuzumab reported
  11. Case Report: Treatment With Alemtuzumab May Prompt Severe CNS Disease
  12. Interferon Therapy Seen as Notable Risk Factor for Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension
  13. Study Finds Off-Label Use of Rituximab Safe for Multiple Sclerosis
  14. Risk-Benefit Analysis Helps Determine Multiple Sclerosis Therapy
  15. The future of stem cells: tackling hype versus hope
  16. Use of combination therapy with immunomodulators and immunosuppressants
  17. Ocrelizumab Effects on Physiological and Cognitive Changes in Multiple Sclerosis
  18. Over-the-counter drug may reverse chronic vision damage caused by multiple sclerosis

General news

  1. MS in the Information Age, Part 2: Healthy Skepticism
  2. MS and Falling the ‘Right Way’
  3. Multiple Sclerosis Tremors
  4. Causes of Tremor
  5. Multiple Sclerosis in Saudi Arabia, a rising concern
  6. Doc-assisted dying advocates seek advance death contracts

Mental & Emotional Health

  1. A Father’s Sage Advice About MS: Take All the Time You Need to Grieve
  2. Indeed, Laughter is the Best Medicine
  3. A Balancing Act
  4. Multiple sclerosis — Psychological aspects
  5. Williamstown: Program explores multiple sclerosis & emotions




  1. Novartis talks the talk with new MS digital tools
  2. Vitamin D deficiency warning
  3. Holidays in the sun hold key to boosting vitamin D
  4. Absence of Physical Activity, Poor Diet Common Among Multiple Sclerosis Patients

When You’ve Just Been Diagnosed

News posted on Barts MS Blog, with thanks to Gavin Giovannoni and his team

  1. Not so Silent Lesions. Will the Real Progressive MS stand Up
  2. The silent MS lesions
  3. ResearchSpeak: asymptomatic MS in siblings of MSers
  4. ResearchSpeak: it’s the B-cells again
  5. Worsening after alemtuzumab
  6. ClinicSpeak & #NeuroSpeak: not everything that looks like MS is MS
  7. The Dre Approach to treating RR
  8. ClinicSpeak: are you a ISCer?
  9. Cholesterol makes myelin…should we be eating bad fat
  10. ClinicSpeak: a low EDSS hides a lot
  11. Understarters Orders…whats the plan to ensure the race ends in a good outcome
  12. ClinicSpeak & #ThinkHand: self-compassion
  13. ClinicSpeak: turmeric usage in pwMS

Business News

  1. Neurodegenerative Drugs Market to Reach $45 Billion by 2022 Worldwide
  2. Flex Pharma (FLKS) to Prioritize Phase 2 Clinical Programs in Severe Neurological Diseases
  3. Novartis chases rivals with next wave of cancer immunotherapy
  4. Novartis Mulls Options Including Spinoff, IPO for Alcon Unit
  5. Celgene Is In The Process Of Filing for Ozanimod For The Treatment Multiple Sclerosis Therapy
  6. Generic Form of Copaxone, GTR, Safe and Effective, Study Confirms
  7. Teva loses patent case for blockbuster multiple sclerosis drugs
  8. Teva Vows Appeal After 4 Copaxone Patents Invalidated
  9. Biogen Continues Its Dominance in the Multiple Sclerosis Segment
  10. Biogen pays $1.25bn to protect multiple sclerosis drug sales
  11. Biogen cancels MS drug deal, “due to strategic objectives”
  12. Global Progressive Relapsing Multiple Sclerosis (PRMS) Market
  13. Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis (SPMS) Therapeutic and Drug Pipeline Review H2
  14. New Drug to Treat Multiple Sclerosis Awaits FDA Approval
  15. Global Multiple Sclerosis Epidemiology and Patient Flow Analysis 2017

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