MS News: September 2016

Image nerve cell

Below are some MS-related topics that made the headlines this month. Do come back to check again, though, as the list will be updated every three to five days.


  1. #ECTRIMS2016 – Congress on Latest in MS Research and Treatment Opens Sept. 14
  2. #ECTRIMS2016 – Stay Up to Date with My Pick of Congress Highlights
  3. 25 American Athletes To Watch At The Paralympics



  1. Researchers use Google Glass to detect brain disorders
  2. Multiple sclerosis gene discovery comes under withering attack
  3. Migraine and Other ‘Common’ Ills Being Mistaken for MS, Study Finds
  4. Multiple Sclerosis Primary Research
  5. Merck Launches New Gene Editing Technology to Engineer Virus Resistant CHO Cell Lines
  6. Biogen Demonstrates Commitment to Improving Patient Outcomes with Study on Burden of MS
  7. PhD Studentships in Motor Neurone Disease and Multiple Sclerosis
  8. $350000 Awarded to Next Generation of Multiple Sclerosis Researchers
  9. More than 35 Presentations of New data from Sanofi Genzyme’s Multiple Sclerosis …
  10. Deciphering the role of DNA methylation in multiple sclerosis
  11. Why vitamin D is so important
  12. Myeloid Cells Key to MS?
  13. Virtually reality simplifies early diagnosis of multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease
  14. Amino Acids in Cancer Metabolism and Neuroscience
  15. MS Treatments May Lower Levels of Immune White Blood Cells

Clinical Trials

  1. MS trials baseline

Treatment News

  1. 1st Generic for Copaxone to Treat Relapsing MS Available in Central and Eastern Europe
  2. Alvogen Launches First Generic Equivalent of CopaxoneTM in Europe
  3. Pediatric Multiple Sclerosis
  4. Multiple sclerosis: 5 ways to cut treatment costs and enhance care


Stem Cell Treatment

  1. FDA, at Last, Turns Its Attention to Stem Cell Therapies for PF and Other Chronic Ills

General news

  1. FDA weighs crackdown that could shut stem cell clinics
  2. Improved Clinician Education Needed in Multiple Sclerosis Misdiagnosis
  3. Gladstone investigator receives $5.8M career grant
  4. FDA clears icometrix’ image quantification software to monitor neurological disorders
  5. Cluster or coincidence? Biostatistician weighs in on Elmvale Acres MS cluster claim
  6. Burden of multiple sclerosis increasing in Iran
  7. Gary Cutter, PhD
  8. 4 Types Of Headaches You Never Knew Existed And How To Cure Them

News posted on Barts MS Blog

  1. Best Blog 2016
  2. QuDoS in MS Awards. Blowing Your Trumpet
  3. Paralympic MS in the Medals
  4. ECTRIMS2016
  5. Practising for ECTRIMS
  6. ClinicSpeak & BrainHealth: how safe are your road-crossing skills?
  7. ClinicSpeak & #ThinkHand: who said progressive MS is not modfiable
  8. PoliticalSpeak: the risk-sharing scheme
  9. ResearchSpeak: Interferon vs. Alemtuzumab
  10. ResearchSpeak: converting from CIS to Multiple sclerosis
  11. Let’s Go Supercharged.
  12. Time to Reduce costs
  13. MD1003 biotin trial
  14. Restriction of fluid intake may make you tireder
  15. Predicting Progression: a combination of 4 outcomes does better than Imaging
  16. Eyes left
  17. A molecular switch between inflammation and regulation
  18. Risk of PML an alternative view

Mental Health

  1. Depression in Multiple Sclerosis 


  1. Sugar transforms a traditional Chinese medicine into a cruise missile
  2. Download The Multiple Sclerosis Diet Book PDF Download


  1. Spasticity and Exercise in MS


  1. Half of people with MS mistakenly accused of being drunk
  2. Half of people with MS have faced ‘unacceptable’ mistreatment
  3. Would you move your buggy? MS sufferers tell of ‘drunk’ accusations and bus arguments
  4. Lifestyle May Impact MS Disability, Study Suggests 
  5. Awards and likes and people on the fringes, we’re winning. MultipleSclerosis
  6. Being real!

When You’ve Just Been Diagnosed

  1. Diagnosing Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
  2. What is The Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Disease Course
  3. The risk of developing MS

Business News

  1. Biogen’s Latest Valuation Compared to Its Peers
  2. Biotech ETF Industry Outlook
  3. Teva to Present Latest Data in Multiple Sclerosis Research
  4. One, two, three, gone: Teva loses third patent on new Copaxone formula
  5. Teva loses third US patent Multiple Sclerosis drug Copaxone
  6. GW Pharmaceuticals (GWPH) Closed Higher on Takeover Speculation



  1. Natural Treatments for Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis

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