MS News: May 2016



  1. People with MS Share How They Are Stronger Than MS and Maintain Independence on World MS Day May 25


  1. Hebrew University and Aurum Ventures Team to Create a Diagnostic Blood Test for RRMS
  2. JC Virus Carries a Mutation in MS Patients That Amplifies Brain Disease Known as PML
  3. MS and Young Adult-onset Hodgkin Lymphoma May Share Underlying Causes, Study Says
  4. Gut Microbiota in Young MS Patients Is Higher in Pro-Inflammatory Bacteria Than Usual, Study Finds
  5. Sanofi Genzyme and Johns Hopkins Partner on MS Research Projects into Disease Progression
  6. Study of Immune System Response to Viral Infection Revives Possibility of Link Between MS and Viruses
  7. Gut Bacteria Affects Myelin Content and Induces MS-Like Depression in Mice, Study Reports
  8. Modern Medicine’s Promising Future for MS Treatment: Stem Cell Therapy
  9. Fluorosamine Seen to Boost Remyelination in MS Mouse Model by Blocking Scarring Molecules
  10. Combined Use of Imaging Techniques Allows Scientists to Peer Into Myelin Formation
  11. High Glutamate Levels in Brain Seen to Drive MS Progression
  12. MS Patients May Be Prone to Other Chronic Illnesses, Study Finds
  13. Key Pathway in Antibody B-Cell Production Identified, Important to Diseases Like MS
  14. Cognitive Difficulties Known to MS Traced to Problems in Nerve Cell Activity in Hippocampus
  15. Low Prenatal Vitamin D Linked to Later MS in Offspring

Clinical Trials

  1. Mitochon Raises $1.6M to Begin Clinical Tests of Mitochondrial Modulators for MS
  2. New Phase 2 Trial of a B-cell Antibody, TG-1101, to Treat Relapsing MS Getting Underway
  3. UK Clinical Trials Testing Robotic Legs That Might Allow Patients to Walk Hands-Free

Treatment News

  1. Treatment Slows Disease Activity in MS
  2. Dimethyl Fumarate, a Common MS Drug, Found to Work Independently of Nrf2 Pathway
  3. Severe Rebound Effects Found in ‘Relevant’ Number of MS Patients After Stopping Fingolimod
  4. Acthar Gel an Effective Treatment for MS Relapses at Lower Cost, Company Reports
  5. CHMP Favors European Approval of Zinbryta (Daclizumab) to Treat Relapsing MS

Holistic Treatment News

  1. Yoga Exercises to Ease Fatigue, Depression and Paresthesia
  2. Yoga and Aquatic Exercise Seen to Markedly Ease MS-related Depression and Fatigue
  3. Could Pilates have cognitive benefits as well as physical?
  4. At-Home ‘Brain Training’ Program for MS Patients Reported to Improve Cognitive Skills by 29%

General News

  1. Sanofi Genzyme Launches vs.MS Global Campaign to Raise Awareness on MS’ Physical and Emotional Burden
  2. New Research Center at UC San Diego to Focus on Microbiome and Immunology
  3. DIA integrates patients
  4. Woman with PML Linked to MS Therapy Successfully Treated with IL-2 Cytokine
  5. MS Famous Patients: Ann Romney
  6. European Program Aims to Develop Wearable Devices to Monitor and Treat MS
  7. Measures of Subtle Movements While Standing Detects Neurologic Problems in MS Patients and Athletes with Concussions


  1. Holidays in the Sun May Be Key to Tackling Vitamin D Deficiencies, Scottish Study Shows
  2. Multiple Sclerosis Prognosis and Your Life Expectancy
  3. Fatigue in MS Patients Can Cause Depression and Impair Life Quality, Regardless of Disability


  1. Diet Plays a Role in MS Progression Through Its Impact on Astrocytes, Researchers Say
  2. The YOU Diet and Multiple Sclerosis

MS Organisations

  1. Multiple Sclerosis Consortium Sets Up MS Clinical Trial Database of Patient Records for Research Use

Business News


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