9/11 Heroes

The word “hero” is often misused, declaring celebrities as the one we have all been waiting for. We attribute them a talent or other star-like characteristics we do not know if they are real once they close the front door behind them.

Real heroes are at work every day: rescue workers like firemen, doctors and nurses in overcrowded hospitals or war zones. Oftentimes heroes are just like you and me, saving a child from being run over by a car or caring for animals who were abandoned by their owners.

When I think of heroes, I think of firemen, especially those that made incredible sacrifices on 9/11. When they ran up 70 flights of staircases with heavy tools strapped to their backs, they knew there was a real chance they would not make it out alive.

Yet, some did.

Sadly, some didn’t.

Some time ago I stumbled upon a web page showing staggering 9/11 photographs in Time Magazine by James Nachtwey, a photo journalist and war photographer. When I noticed how tiny rescue workers were against the backdrop of a huge pileup of wrought metal, human bodies and utter devastation, it was clear what rescue workers were up against.

In my humble opinion, heroes are born and made of people who are willing to go beyond what is asked of them in order to save lives.

On 9/11, the world stopped turning for a while.

Heroes were born and died on 9/11.

This is for them.

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All photos come courtesy of James Nachtwey and New York Magazine.
To visit TIME’s Beyond 9/11: A Portrait of Resilience, a project that chronicles 9/11 and its aftermath, click here.
For more about emergency workers on 9/11:

Emergency workers killed in the September 11 attacks

Rescue and recovery effort after the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center

9/11 by the Numbers

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16 thoughts on “9/11 Heroes

    1. Oh same here! It’s easy being a hero if you only keeps your eyes open for celebrities and others who in reality, are just human also.


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