Take care of your body.
It’s the only place you have to live.

(Jim Rohn)

Being unwell? For those who only have the odd cold or flu, they believe they cannot possibly feel any worse. For those who battle cancer, ‘being unwell’ becomes a triumph over adversity if their treatment is successful.

I often find myself floating in between the mere feeling of a flu or the worst pain possible (trigeminal neuralgia, remember?). On days like that, my illness feels like my body betrays me, day in, day out. Unlike people who have cancer and have the possibility of having their illness ‘cured,’ the course of my multiple sclerosis can only be ‘modified.’ Therein lies the betrayal. Modified becomes a permanent word in your vocabulary. Modified. Not cured, only modified.

Independent… Stubborn… that is me. It is very hard asking for help. Ever since my childhood, my mum has had to live with my ‘I can do it!’ motto whenever she asked if I needed any help. It is hard giving in to yourself, admitting you really do need a hand.  I continuously fight with myself trying to find out if asking for help is a sign of weakness or if it is something everyone would gladly do without thinking twice.

If physical betrayal isn’t bad enough already, asking people for help but receiving a ‘no can do because I am selfish!’ answer means that from now on you might need to fend for yourself. Soldiering on on my own has therefore become my main drive. At the end of the day, there is only one person that can ‘modify’ me and that is… you guessed right… that is me. Pity I had to let go of some dear friends because of it, but this little one here, yes… meand my family… we’re what matters.

I let go off the mental weight it carries, although sometimes it still creeps up on me. However, I do have my pride and if I need to soldier on alone, so be it. Like Kit, one of the main characters says in Iain Banksnew book: “That’s the thing about [your illness]. It’s all yours — it’s entirely, perfectly personalised.”

Letting yourself be cared for can be a complex undertaking. Don’t take it for granted, take care of yourself first, and the rest will follow.

If I take care of my character,
my reputation will take care of me.

(Dwight L. Moody)

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6 thoughts on “Pride

  1. when I was first diagnosed a friend said that my greatest asset was that I was fiercely independant. It would also be my greatest curse I learned to make peace with myself and adapt. Almost 30 years later I am still doing well! Still fierce!


    1. Fair play to you for still being fierce! Long may it continue! I totally know what you mean. Making peace with myself is easier than making peace with others who have said or done certain things but at the end of the day, life goes on, doesn’t it? Adapting… pacing yourself… that however… one of the hardest things to do! :D


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