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Multiple Sclerosis Ireland & Novartis Blog awards!

I believe it’s fair to say so that the ‘Living Like You’ as well as the ‘MS & Me’ writers share the same gratitude. Being nominated by the public means you are owed a big thank you for not just having our back, but also for sharing our words with hundreds of people. Your voice – though often unheard – means that MS isn’t a lonely illness, but a shared concern.


MS Treatments (July 2017)

 First-line treatment Interferon beta-1b Extavia (Novartis) Betaferon (Bayer) The first drug that was approved for treatment of MS, interferon beta-1b inflammation in the central nervous system. Injectable The most common side effects include injection site reactions and GI symptoms, such as stomach pain, constipation, and diarrhoea Interferon beta-1a Avonex (Biogen) Rebif (Serono) An injectable medication, interferon beta-1a reduces inflammation, possibly through the reduction of T cell production and … Read More MS Treatments (July 2017)

Oh my god, I am (so not) dying!

Life with MS can be awkward. It can be puzzling. It is unquestionably easier said than done. It’s the little things that are happening inside your central nervous system that can make you stumble as if your body reinvents and transforms itself without your consent as if the ‘old’ you is suddenly not good enough anymore.

Jammed filter!

Either ‘the birds were lying flow’, or ‘foreign pilitocs’ greatly interested me. Some, in fact, wondered if all of planet Mars just invaded my bloodstream. Involuntary spoonerisms like these have caused laughter and memories that needless to say, others have a far better recollection of that I have.

Me? I thought my newly acquired talent for involuntary creating weird words out of ridiculously dull ones was hilarious. I had it down to a tee.

MS News: January 2017

Go red to Kiss Goodbye to MS campaign! Supporters in County Donegal asked to Help Kiss Goodbye to MS Supporters in county Longford asked to Help Kiss Goodbye to MS Co Leitrim people are being asked to help ‘Kiss Goodbye to MS’ Highlight! The top 10 drug launches of 2017 The year in new drugs

Trigeminal Neuralgia Awareness Symposium, Dublin

October has finally arrived, which means that the 4th International Trigeminal Neuralgia Awareness Day is almost upon us. On October 7th the Light Up Teal campaign will see buildings across the world light up in a teal hue, with many buildings in Ireland joining the awareness campaign. So far, confirmation of 34 structures has been received, including the 3 Arena, Convention Center, Mansion House, Cork City … Read More Trigeminal Neuralgia Awareness Symposium, Dublin

MS News: November 2015

Highlight! Multiple sclerosis health news roundup 2015: MS prevention and treatment breakthroughs Study To Test Impact Of Chocolate On Multiple Sclerosis Fatigue Oxford Brookes to Study if Chocolate Could Actually Help Cure Multiple Sclerosis Chocolate could ease multiple sclerosis symptoms

Positive MS News: October 2015

It was a busy month. ECTRIMS (European Committee for Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis Congress; October 7 – 10, 2015 in Barcelona) came and went, with insight and data offered on existing and new therapies.

Positive MS News: August 2015

Vitamin D research was once again a recurring news story this month, with more studies linking lack of vitamin D to MS. Also widely reported was the news Novartis bought GlaxoSmithKline’s remaining rights to Ofatumumab, an investigational multiple sclerosis medicine, for up to $1 billion. Highlight! Gene study finds link between multiple sclerosis and low vitamin D Gene study backs up link between vitamin … Read More Positive MS News: August 2015

Positive MS News: April 2015

Research news Miconazole and clobetasol may be effective as multiple sclerosis therapies Drug Derived From Sea Anemone Shows Promise Against Psoriasis, MS Novel Drug From Nature Shows Early Promise ‘Brainbow’ illuminates cellular connections MS Association of America releases 2015 multiple sclerosis research update B Vitamin Promising in Progressive Multiple Sclerosis Phenytoin protects against optical damage in multiple sclerosis Could Eczema Cream Be Used for … Read More Positive MS News: April 2015

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