Multiple Sclerosis Ireland & Novartis Blog awards!

My diagnosis taught me one thing: the notion that no matter what happens, life goes on. Since then, life became more imaginative, engaging and determined.

IMSM grew from the desire to convey optimism through writing in 2011. By sharing thoughts, hopes and fears, it turned into a “Hhmm… I can’t remember writing that!” mix of personal stories and info about MS.

15589510_10154370600359022_7296656978801808848_nThrough sheer luck of the Irish, I received an invitation to write for Novartis’s MS blog ‘Living Like You’ in 2014. Soon after, the Irish MS Society added my name to their list of writers to provide content for their own blog ‘MS & Me’ (not to be confused with the title of my own blog).

Winning awards was something we didn’t set out to do. But we did, eventually.

In 2014, ‘MS & Me’ was a finalist in the Ireland Blog Awards, alongside my own blog.

In 2015, ‘MS & Me’ won a silver award at the same Awards in the Corporate Best Health & Wellness category.

The following year, we were once again over the moon to hear that the blog had reached the final at the Ireland Blog Awards. It didn’t end there, though. In September 2016, the ‘MS & Me’ bloggers collectively received the Volunteer of the Year Award from MSI, as chosen by people with MS, their families and friends.

Novartis’s ‘Living Like You’ blog followed in the footsteps of ‘MS & Me’ by entering awards competitions, and won the Best Blog in the PR News’ Social Media Awards in the US. We were all running around giddy for a week.

Earlier this month (July 2017), ‘MS & Me’ received a nomination in the WEGO Health Awards as ‘Best Team Performance’. Please forgive me my lightheaded behaviour, so! (If you want to endorse ‘MS & Me’, you can find the link to the WEGO Awards below).

Wego Patient Leader finalist

Finally, I want to thank both the staff of MS Ireland as well as the Novartis team for their continued belief. I get lyrical when I mention them, such is my appreciation for their vision and relentless support.


Image LLY winner best blog

For IMSM awards, please click here.

If you have a question about content, myself or have writing requests, please let me know using the form below. Your details will not be published on IMSM.

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Quirky, tenacious and neurologically compromised female expat living in Ireland since 2002 ◾ MyTherapyApp Best MS Blog for Simplicity 2018 ◾ Everyday Health Top 10 MS Blog of 2018 ◾ WEGO Health Patient Leader Award Nominee 2018 ◾ Feedspot Top 50 MS Blog 2017, 2018 ◾ Ireland Blog Award Finalist 2014, 2015, 2017 & Shortlisted 2018 (competition ongoing) ◾ Contributor to the Novartis MS blog Living Like You ◾ Contributor to MS Ireland’s blog MS & Me ◾ Contributor to The Mighty ◾ Guest contributor to

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