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Jammed filter!

Either ‘the birds were lying flow’, or ‘foreign pilitocs’ greatly interested me. Some, in fact, wondered if all of planet Mars just invaded my bloodstream. Involuntary spoonerisms like these have caused laughter and memories that needless to say, others have a far better recollection of that I have.

Me? I thought my newly acquired talent for involuntary creating weird words out of ridiculously dull ones was hilarious. I had it down to a tee.

Oh, snap!

“Also, because of the long, warm summer days, Uhthoff’s Symptoms, also referred to as Phenomenon or heat sensitivity, means that I am rather slow in the upstairs department, which eventually lead to predicament B. My days are unquestionably not dull nor tranquil, so.”

Use it or lose it!

“I much prefer a writer’s slow process from that one, flickering half a sentence in my head to it eventually making it into my handbag’s notebook or onto the internet. After all, writing in Ireland is a national illness, or a survival instinct of sorts. A lot of ideas come to me by my own form of public crowdsourcing; listening to people and picking up a few words here or there, thinking those words could eventually become a new piece.”


Being diagnosed with a chronic illness often leads to self-examination of your mind. You think you made mistakes somewhere down the path of your life and now karma has come to bite you very hard. You want to know why this happened to you and ‘why not someone else who deserves it far more than I did’ and others will comfort you, saying that … Read More Forgiveness

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