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Jammed filter!

Image memory thinking

For more on memory and thinking, click on the above image (©MS Ireland)

Every so often, people say things that shouldn’t be said.


Some things just shouldn’t.

Us humans – living, breathing, excessively addictive to social media – have to endure the result of a very selfishly applied verb.

We communicate. And not always very well.

In fact, I am sure your brain-to-mouth filter runs into trouble every so often, and you have suffered from that same technical glitch just as much as I have.

We just cannot take back our words.

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Oh, snap!

natalieburrows-pop-art-oops-ladyIf the meaning of my name was ‘a special kind of stupid’, I would carry mine with pride.

Last week, anything that resembled buttons, knobs or handles could be regarded as hazardous material. Alternatively, I could be perceived as such, and if something didn’t have a button or handle already, I could destroy imaginary ones also if I tried hard enough.

My button squabble was an ongoing, actual comedy of errors, Willeke’s style. Continue reading

Use it or lose it!

Life with MS?

“60% hospital visits to keep the national health department satisfied, 10% sweat, and 0% tears.”

When I’m told that 30% is missing, I agree.

“30% is memory loss, which rather proves a point.” Continue reading


Being diagnosed with a chronic illness often leads to self-examination of your mind. You think you made mistakes somewhere down the path of your life and now karma has come to bite you very hard.

Often questions go through my mind after issues arise and not just since my MS diagnosis 8 years ago. I ‘wonder’, often with almost child-like wonder. I tend to think about the how, why, when and who of life, of my place in it and I ask myself who I am and whether I had or will have a purpose in life. Of course, I don’t think like this every day of every year but I do go through phases where I am stuck on a certain subject and I have to turn inward to look for answers. Continue reading

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