15 Essential MS Websites

Desk with notebook, coffee and laptop

  1. Barts MS Blog
  2. Multiple Sclerosis on Neurology Times
  3. MS Trust
  4. Shift MS
  5. National Multiple Sclerosis Society (US)
  6. Multiple Sclerosis Association of America
  7. Multiple Sclerosis Research News
  8. Multiple Sclerosis News Today
  9. Healthline, Understanding Multiple Sclerosis
  10. Multiple Sclerosis Society (UK)
  11. The MS Society of Ireland
  12. MultipleSclerosis.net
  13. Medscape Multiple Sclerosis
  14. Very well: Multiple Sclerosis
  15. Non-existent link

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3 thoughts on “15 Essential MS Websites

  1. Do you have personal experience with neuropathic pain? My body seems to be having more areas where neuropathic pain comes and goes I am very happy when it goes but it seems to linger on and on. Doctor is increasing my Gabapentin to help fight the pain. I haven’t had a lot of luck with it yet.

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