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UNCRPD, Ireland’s ten-year moral outrage

Having a neurodegenerative illness that cannot be cured has given me the best gift I could ever ask for, strength and meeting the most inspirational and brightest people with disabilities in Ireland and abroad. Yes, they might “be different” in the eyes of many, but they showed me that not everything in life has a price or a tag. They taught me that disability is about misinterpreted ability because they help other people with or without disabilities within their communities in a time when their government shows signs of deliberate discrimination.

MS Ireland: Hope & Empowerment

It’s not the first time I sit back at night and go over past moments that left me inspired and willed me forward to do more, much more. As societies go, there’s a lot of goodwill in MS Ireland, our national MS society. There are also hard facts that tell you that this is a group of outstanding people working towards one goal only: … Read More MS Ireland: Hope & Empowerment

2014 Budget plea to the Irish government

“A heart transplant is easy enough these days, but brain transplants belong in the world of fantasy. Because of that, urgent reconfiguration of existing services should be done.”

Disability is never cured with one pill alone

So it seems I’m on the warpath. It also appears that if you want to change things, you have to work very hard to get it done. And hope your adversaries are willing to at least listen for one second to what you have to say. Is it worth it? Not if your voice is cut off before the first vowel leaves your lips. … Read More Disability is never cured with one pill alone

Changing Ireland

I’m well into my 10th year of living in Ireland, and I often wonder about what changed during those years. A long list builds itself in my mind on people, mentality, culture, politics, nature, life… Writing about everything would result into one very long blog post that will eventually bore everyone, so I will try to keep it rather short. After all, I’m here … Read More Changing Ireland

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