The beauty and cruelty of words

woman writing on a notebook beside teacup and tablet computer

What we hold dear about putting pen to paper is the urge to create something out of nothing, quite often to slow down a fast-paced society where the purity of words have become chaotic and yearn to become meaningful and treasured again.

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Then & now

“Following that, I hit writer’s block faster than you can say ‘ABC’. That writer’s block has reached the ‘XYZ’ stage, so I’m nearing a muse that sounds, tastes and smells like coffee.


Where I am funnily always full of ideas.

Away from notebooks and pens, I scrapped another item from my bucket list in September.”

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Shortlisted, and shortlisted again!

“Not only has the MS Ireland group blog, who I also write for, been shortlisted in the Blog Awards Ireland 2014 competition, but I’m shortlisted in the two categories I was nominated in with my own blog. Everyone in the MSI group is ecstatic, and it just makes you want to do more, write more and just achieve more.”

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